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Saturday, 21 December 2019

A Filthie Christmas Special Cartoon

Every year at this time there’s geniuses and morons around telling us everything we need to know about doing Christmas right. The latest and greatest advice I heard this year is “Don’t tell the little ones the myth of Santa Claus...”. According to the cool kids, when the little ones find out you lied to them about Santa, they will question everything else that you told them too, and you’ll destroy their trust in you as a parent. Instead, tell the kids the truth - that St Nick was a fourth century Greek bishop that gave out Christmas presents at Yule, blah blah blah. Kids should know where their presents came from so that they can appreciate generosity from the people responsible.

I dunno about that myself. I still remember being sad that Santa wasn’t real, my big bro spoiled it all for me when I was five. Is that too old to still believe in Santa? I wasn’t traumatized by it, near as I can tell. But I do recall a vague sense of betrayal. It must have been a big deal though - to this day I can still remember the exact time and place when I learned the truth.

Is there any merit in that one?


  1. Don't know...I guess I always knew Santa was a myth/imaginary but it was fun to pretend. We were handed the Sear's and Penney's Christmas Catalogs to make a wish list and there was a lot dreaming. We opened Christmas early because we were rarely at home on Christmas morning (off to Grandma's house for dinner).

  2. I tipped to it when I was five or six. The real giveaway was when Dad threatened to call Santa Claus and tell him I didn't want to go to bed - or some such crap. The old man started dialing the phone and I interrupted him by heading off to bed - but as I lay there thinking, it occurred to me that the North Pole was long distance, hence it would cost a lot of money (which Dad wouldn't spend) and you had to go through the operator. So...

    My paternal grandfather believed in Santa Claus until he was ten or eleven; I think he grew up in Hamilton, OH, which was a very small town back then.

    Being Swedish, Main Lady never had Santa Claus. She had forest elves called Jultomten (Yule Toom-Tooms) who distribute presents.