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Sunday, 29 December 2019

An Oversight Corrected: Up He Goes

Guys I'm sorry. I thought I'd taken care of this long ago. But ya get old, yer mind floats a little further down the gutter... and things go to hell - which is a constant and nominal state of affairs here at the Thunderbox.


Well then, if you live under a rock as I do, and can't be trusted in the vicinity of respectable society - you may not have run into Phil before. He's got Tourette's as I do, but he doesn't rage at clouds and imaginary villains as I do. His is a working Man Cave and could be considered to be a serious shop. As you'd expect from such men, he has an admirable clarity of thought and sense of humour as well.

All hail Phil - and his Mighty Machines!


  1. LMAO! I love the description on the sidebar.
    Most excellent sir.

  2. UH Oh, I need you to fix something though.
    It's BUSTEDNUCKLES. All one word with no K behind the D in Busted.

    1. Done! Hey - have a great New Year over there! When things settle down and you've sobered up - I will drop by!

      I need to borrow some tools!!! ;)