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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Arts N Crafts

Back in the day I used to carry more junk with me than Batman. People laughed at me because I had a mag lite on my belt with a blade and a calculator and a cell phone... then I had even MOAR junk. One day at work the power went out and I was pleased as punch because I was prepared!!! I had a flashlight!!! Laugh at me now, ye buggardly scoffers-

And then the guys next door came over and took it. They had a dark warehouse out back and one of their forklifts crashed when the lights went out. I handed it over and was left in the dark like everyone else.


The other day I made one a these pocket organizers. It holds a pencil, a flashlight, a knife and a notepad and keeps it all from rattling round in your pocket. It’s awesome. It became handy the second I started carrying it. At coffee King Peter got in a fight about the historical details of the German blitzkrieg into Fwance in WW2. I pulled the pad and pencil out and Pete started sketching out a passable map of the Ardennes while I tried to fact check him on the cell. Later I drooped my keys at night and had to use the flashlight to hunt for them. I used it again when I had to fumble with the club locks at night too.

Style wise, I suppose pocket organizers are right up there with pocket protectors... but what the hell. It works.


  1. Glen,

    I left a reply on the original post, but I doubt you saw it. Here's the info about the grenade post:

    "They have a double safety to activate. The first is a clip that fits around the spoon. The spoon is the small arm that flies off as you throw it. The second is the obvious pin that is removed. One the clip and the pin are removed, your hand wrapped around the spoon keeping it in place is what keeps it from activating.

    So, you wrap your hand around it, remove the clip with your thumb, then pull the pin. You pull your arm back and throw. As you release it, the spring loaded spoon flies off. That allows a striker, similar to the striker in a Zippo lighter, to spark and light the fuse. The fuse burns down (3 to 4 seconds) and the ignites the detonator that sets off the main charge.

    The main charge is a half pound of C-4 plastic explosive. That explosive is wrapped in a steel case made up of wire wrapped BB sized ball bearings. Once the spoon comes off, Mr. Grenade is not your friend anymore.

    You can't throw it far enough to get completely out of range. So after you throw it, you have to drop behind some solid cover. Like a foxhole, a stone wall, a large tree, etc."

    1. Sorry about that ASM! And thanks again for straightening that out! I love it in the movies when Bruce or Ahhhnold are doing the coupe de grace with a grenade - and that clip flies off with a dramatic "piiiiinnnnng!"

      I was watching an OyTube with Larry Vickers Tactical and he and the boys were doing a tutorial on grenade launchers. They put out a bunch of dummies and silhouettes, and then lobbed some grenades in amongst them and examined the damage afterward.
      I was surprised by how light the damage was. From what I saw, you'd have to be almost standing on one to get killed by it. If you were within 10 to 20 feet, you'd probably get messed up by the shrapnel.

      You're a marine, right ASM? I started watching them on youtube and some of those kids had arms like cannons and they'd lob one of those things out 100 yards easy, by the look of it. Are the grenades still that powerful at that distance? Let's see... what is the range on a 12 bore, say, with 3 inch magnums with BB shot? 60 yards? Maybe 80? Is that idea of dropping behind cover just excessive safety doctrine, do you think?

      Just asking because I don't know. Our laws up here wisely forbid guys like me being allowed to play with stuff like that! ;)

    2. We had one guy in my boot camp platoon that might have got 60 yards, most of us threw them about half of that. It's a heavy thing, you lob it, not throw it like a baseball. I know they let us watch from a hillside about 100 yards back until it was our turn.

      Inside of 10 yards, everyone gets injured, some get killed. The launcher is designed to make it go further away.

      The ones we have been discussing are the explosive frag variety. They manufacture a surprising number of variants. Thermite (to melt things like gun barrels), white phosphorus, napalm, incendiary, and a number of chemical grenades with tear gas or vomiting agents are other options.

  2. You're slacking there Filthie, you need to rethink that pocket organizer. At this point in life you are not a prepper if you don't have one of these.

    1. HAR HAR HAR!!! Screw you, M!!!

      Right now the only pills I take are Rodger Ramjet's proton pills. Apparently my thyroid has shut down and I need them to speed up my metabolism. I hate them and only take the half-strength ones. Taking the full dose that they want me to take is like drinking a keg of Red Bull and then stopping for coffee at Tim's. The side effect is anxiety and stress and I don't need that in my life at this point...

  3. Glen, it looks good to me. And very functional, it seems.