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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Congratulations To The UK!

It's a huge step in taking your country back. I saw a few Twitter storms posted by other bloggers where the Lefties were melting down and it was music to my ears. It almost made me want to open a Twatter account just so I could gloat at the cretins... but maturity prevailed.

Then it promptly dissolved; all the shitlibs on it were crying that they were going to vote with their feet and - move to Canada of course!

There's a bumper sticker on some of the rig pig trucks with a pic of Alberta on it with the caption, "Fuck Off, We're Full".

I wouldn't last 5 minutes on Twatter, some she-twink with purple hair and shit for brains would ban me the second I went active on it.

Congrats once again - but please... keep your libturd morons to yourselves. We have too many as it is.


  1. It does give you some hope, don't it?

    1. It does. Hopefully we can tie up our own liberals before they can mess up too much, and kick them to the curb in the next election.

  2. i hope God is ready to take us and britain under His wing again there is hope you still have j t tough so more prayer needed