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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Filthie Gets Fragged

Goddammitalltohell!! Where in the bloody blue blazes did I leave my glasses??.

Oh - good morning everyone!

Well my weekend is off to a great start. As you all know,  I am a Special Ed teacher here at Uncle Bob’s School For Wayward Boys N’ Retards. I spend my days trying to edyacate morons and problem children and sometimes it’s pretty tough sledding. My worst student is Victor Quartermain... but I see that he’s finally trying to shape up and be a good student! He even left me a treat for the weekend! Most kids give their teachers apples... but Quartermain gave me a kiwi! Awfully nice of him, especially after all the discipline problems we had! Why, I thought my arm would fall off from all the flogging I did on him! Corporal punishment works!!!

Wait! Where are you off tro so fast? Ya just got here! Don’t you want to share my kiwi with me?

Oh well - suit yourself!! Have yourselves a great Saturday!!!


  1. Thumb clip!
    Pull pin!
    Do not milk that spoon, Private!

  2. 'Looks more like an interactive Christmas tree ornament to me!

  3. How do those work, ASM? I thought you just pull the pin and throw them, but what's that lever on the side for? Is that like the safety?

    I'd love to get a crate of them for Christmas. I'd go down to the dump and throw them at the junked cars and mounds of garbage...I think that in addition to all my other psychological problems... I may be a bit of a pyro too...! 😊

  4. They have a double release to activate. The first is a clip that fits around the spoon. The spoon is the small arm that flies off as you throw it. The second is the obvious pin that is removed. One the clip and the pin are removed, your hand wrapped around the spoon keeping it in place is what keeps it from activating.

    So, you wrap your hand around it, remove the clip with your thumb, then pull the pin. You pull your arm back and throw. As you release it, the spring loaded spoon flies off. That allows a striker, similar to the striker in a Zippo lighter, to spark and light the fuse. The fuse burns down (3 to 4 seconds) and the ignites the detonator that sets off the main charge.

    The main charge is a half pound of C-4 plastic explosive. That explosive is wrapped in a steel case made up of wire wrapped BB sized ball bearings. Once the spoon comes off, Mr. Grenade is not your friend anymore.

    You can't throw it far enough to get completely out of range. So after you throw it, you have to drop behind some solid cover. Like a foxhole, a stone wall, a large tree, etc.