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Friday, 13 December 2019

Friday Nostalgic Music Post

Back in the day me n’ the retards here at Uncle Bob’s were the baddest of bad asses! BW had a mullet  and an ear ring. I had high top jet boot runners. BP had a microprocessor based keyboard that made music you could weld by! We were young, hot blooded and pished at the world!!! And - we liked our women the same way!

Joan was so cool and so bad ass, she even made that bad hair look great! I think she 
stuck her finger in a light socket, or accidentally shorted out one of the
guitar amps before the concert.

Pete F and Mad Jack could dirty dance with the best of them too!

Time has not been kind. Today I am still pissed at the world... and the world could care less! My hair all fell out, my jet boots were traded in for sewer boots, and my leather and chains were swapped for plaid and baggy relaxed fit stretchy jeans. How did it all come to this? Sob...!

Tell me honestly: did Joan make it on her talent? Or was her success all due to corporate marketing and image management? I don’t think you could sell that kind of imagery today...

Joan never grew up but she did get old. She became a vegan, an environMINTalist, a PETAphile, a raging shitlib...and last I heard, rumours were swirling that she was a dyke. Just as Red Greene is the poster boy for men that get old and stay immature, I guess Joan could be the poster girl for women that do the same thing. 

She did age better than me and Red did, I’ll give her that! Have a great Friday and behave yourselves you little chits! Get off my lawn!!!


  1. I love telling young punks that I got to see all the good bands and not unintelligible rappers, one hit wonders and auto-tune bimbos.

  2. Funny... All the new movies are using the music of our time... 'Wonder why...

  3. I wonder if it is just that we are old buggers, or if music really has gone for a dump? I don't have the time of day for rap, I'd call it nigger music but that would be an insult to niggers! There are still some of the odd good toons around but I sure seem to have to dig for them...