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Friday, 20 December 2019

Harridan HarassMINT

I'm an arsehole, that's my problem. Put me in proximity to another one, and we'll hit critical mass and a gigantic explosion of foolishness, butt hurt and stupidity invariably results. I am the lowest common denominator - and you lot better believe it, HAR HAR HAR!

I shouldn't pick on Comrade Misfit. The lunatics and hysterics are saying their president is a Russian sock puppet. It's patently false, but you could tie yourself up for hours trying to convince the usual suspects otherwise. They'll believe what they want to believe, it doesn't matter if it's true or not. There's plenty of men like that - but it seems to be more commonplace among women. They hate who they hate, so any means to attack their enemies is fair and square, even if it's not! I pooped in the comments and made a hasty escape. I know, I know... she's probably just a senseless old shitlib bint, and she's entitled to her views. Problem is that these nutty cat women vote too. If you Americans decide to let them shred your constitution - promise me you'll put those old bitches to work in the fields picking cotton? Or maybe making coffee and sammiches? There's gotta be something USEFUL they can do after the civil war...?

Good lord. "My president is a commie rat!" chirped the commie rats, HAR HAR HAR!!!😆👍

Rest assured, there ARE commie plants everywhere. You can tell because they watch OyTubes like this:

A heya heya ho!!!
Rubber begonias! Heya heya ho!!!
A hoya hoya hey!!!
Yannow, I am beginning to really like these scum sucking
commie bastids. If my wife ever regains her sense of sight and smell,
and I find myself single - I'm going to get a mail order Russian bride!
They don't have crazed, hysterical cat ladies and vaginal retards like Pelosi
or Warren in Russia... I wonder why...?

Oops!!! Did I sing along with that out loud??? Good heavens!!!! And this vodka I'm drinking? It isn't mine, I swear!!! It was here when I got here!!!! I'd better post something to signal my virtue, my patriotism and allegiance to the Americans that are so bravely defended by patriotic Democrats!!! Perhaps a good country and western toon is in order!!!

There we go!
An ode to empowered good women, prevailing in spite of overwhelming toxic masculinity!
You may have heard this classic before, but be sure to check out the vid.
There is some superlative guitar work on this version.

Рад Вас видеть and thanks for stopping by, Comrades!!! Rubber Begonias!!! Have a great Friday!!!


  1. I perused Misfit's site as well. She goes off on the GOP, saying all roads lead to Putin, but has a portrait of "Chairman Meow." I guess she would know how the roads in Russia lay out...

    Oh; and I pinched one off over there as well... Good times...

    1. There is no self awareness in that lot at all, Pete. I hope you remembered to flush and hit the fan on the way out, because I didn't!!! :)

  2. Marry him when he proposes? Just where in the seven hells did you come up with this one?

    And then you managed to find, probably by assembling a few hundred file segments from alt.songs.foreign.insanity that were stored away in the Internet Archives, a Jim Stafford song from Laugh In? A show that was only reliably funny when the audience was so screwed up on pot they couldn't see straight?

    What are you smoking up there? Old sled-dog harness?

    1. Chyez voz me, Mad Yack. You want vacation in Siberian gulag perhaps? Maybe camp closer to home?

      We have friends Canadastan...