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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Holy Mackeral!!!!

Dilbert goes full retard on the Democrats!

I like Scott. He's one of those men that can observe erratic and disgraceful
behaviour in individuals - and then dispassionately analyze 
their motivations and often he can predict their future behaviour patterns.

Maybe it's the flu he's fighting with. But this impeachment nonsense the Donks are doing has him cursing and sputtering and dropping F bombs like... like me! HAR HAR HAR!!! And yes, Pelosi IS  a cunned stunt!

But as a Canadian with some distance to the fray, I can sometimes achieve a dispassionate position as I stick my long nose into your American business. I wonder if we aren't seeing the liberals trying to apply a lesson they only ever half-learned? Consider:

In the 2016 election, the mass media was going to crucify Trump as a warning to the rest of the clucking gaggle of cowardly conservative cucks. Half of them wanted to see them do it. They were astounded when Trump pulled their jerseys over their head, and collectively beat the ever loving pooh out of them. They were astounded when the fans in the stands went wild with approval too. After he dispensed with the mavens in the media - Trump went after the Clintons. Hard. He bitch slapped Hillary into a fainting, farting ruin. He put a boot up Bill's arse so hard, he literally got lifted off the ground. Then he honked Chelsea on the tit and crapped in the fish tank. On the way out he wiped his arse on their drapes. Through it all they clutched their pearls and shrieked in outrage and got offended. They slapped all the usual labels on him: hater, homophobe, racist, sexist, rapist, etc etc ad nauseum. Trump and the electorate laughed and goaded them with rude memes and tweets on the internet.

Perhaps the Donks saw all this - and are merely trying to turn the tables? Maybe they're trying to goad Trump into doing the same stupid crap they did? And maybe they're too dumb to see that they are goading the American people too?

But... whadda I know.

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