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Friday, 13 December 2019

Horse Shoes And Tiny Houses

This morn there was a skiff of snow out so thin, I just skipped the sidewalks and went shooting instead. I just joined this new club and whenever I go, I have the place to myself. Usually.

Today I was shooting and got a phone call from Flapz in BC. He called to say he isn't going to make it up here for Christmas and I gave him shit. He cheered me up with some rude jokes though, and we ended the conversation on a good note as always. Guess I'll saddle up Big Red in the late spring and go down there to hassle him. It's the same old story, you get old and the world leaves you behind. I'm good with it.

I'd just hung up when King Peter and Queen Mary dropped in. They ticked me right off. I have helped them with some chores around the estate and I don't mind - I'm currently unemployed and have nothing better to do - so I guess they figured they owed me something and bought me some magnificent top of the line carbon arrows. I gave them both shit - but secretly I was just pleased as punch inside! I sent them both a text later and thanked them and told them I loved them. Despite all the rotten things I say to them, I think I actually do, too! 😆

I seem to be shooting in the mid-270's now. By my estimation, a shooter like me, with my equipment … should be able to get into the high 280's/low 290's. It'll come. I finished my last flight of the last round with a perfect 30! I have lucky horse shoes up my arse, HAR HAR HAR!

Lookit!!! I tell no lies! HAR HAR HAR!!!

On the way home I saw this tiny place. It's tough to see in that crappy cell phone pic - but it had Christmas lights and a satellite TV antenna on it. Despite the gloom and grey today it's really quite nice out. The serenity of this place just tugged at my heart. I can picture myself in that, flopped out on a bunk with maybe a hot plate and an oil heater...

Welp - guess I'm old and boring today over here. I sure hope you have something fun lined up this weekend! 




  1. When you said that you went shooting this morning I was thinking cool, I wonder what bore or gauge or caliber he's doing. Then I saw the photos and went WTF? It took me a few moments to remember that you're in the Great White North where Justin Turdeau has relegated the peasantry to primitive, stringed weapons just like the filthy, red skinned savages who once roamed the forests and plains.......

  2. Thanks for sharing the blog so well and I hope you have something new for me to study.