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Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Humpday Buggery

Turn up your sound.

One of the things I loved about RC airplanes... was the howl of the engines. It makes my pulse speed up and for a few minutes, my years vanish, and I feel myself become one with The Machine. All that exists is air, speed, and the predatory howl of the almighty engine.

Scale is irrelevant; my little nitro powered piss burners can quicken the pulse the same way a supercharged V12 Supermarine Spitfire can. The retired old farts at our little airfield can put on as good a show as the Thunderbirds can. Perhaps even better - when we crash and burn it is an occasion for sport and merriment. If the flyboys do it, it’s a tragedy.

Until I saw this silly little cartoon I had forgotten how much I miss it. Perhaps when the snow retreats I will get back into it again.


  1. Glen, That was EPIC!!! Good show.

    1. Round engines are to aviators as the V Twin is to Harley guys - they have a note that stirs the soul. And nothing in the world sounds as sweet as when they dig in and really start to howl, and their power band seems as if it could go on forever.

      Sound is important to the satisfied soul. :)

  2. Wintertime IS the building season for RC, after all...