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Friday, 20 December 2019


It sounds like a food fight. Looks like one too by all accounts. The li’l retards here at Uncle Bob’s School For Wayward Boys N Retards took a vote, and now it sounds like I’m about to get railroaded by my idiot students the same way Trump is with his! Can you even impeach a retard school principal??? I’ll be RUINED!!!😡

So...getting back to Trump... let me get this straight. Correct me if I’m wrong:

The watch dogs notice that Joe Biden’s crack head son is being paid millions by Bohunk (Ukrainian) business execs, supposedly for a job that the boy isn’t remotely qualified for. They send it upstairs, and Trump (rightly) tells them to investigate. If I misunderstood any of that please let me know.

The Donks scream foul; Trump his abusing his power and position by trying to smear his political opposition with “nuisance investigations”....? If that were true, the Donks could prove it in fairly short order, right? Am I missing something?

Complicating things further: it seems that the Donks have been doing the exact same thing; apparently the Buckwheat Administration had ordered the FBI and other Mickey Mouse outfits to spy on the Repubs in the run up to the last election.

And on top of all THAT, Donk politicos in Virginia are throwing out the constitution to enact illegal gun grabs.

Is that seriously the way of it?


  1. You read it right, Glen. The minions of the Left can't get it through their bony skulls that if the President can be railroaded, ANYONE can be railroaded. ...This isn't going to end well...

    As far as Virginia goes though, they're not doing anything more than California has done... and has gotten away with... since the pussyhatters took complete control of the state. Seems like the left has taken to using the Constitution as toilet paper, and for some reason the Supreme Court is blind to it...

    "The Powers That Be" don't seem to realize just how well-armed we are, and how "non-compliant" we can be...

    1. It should be obvious, even to shitlibs at this point, that you can't run a country like that. I blame wahmen for this. If men tried crap like that, they'd get punched out or laughed out...

  2. There's nothing obvious to these people. It's like stabbing jellyfish; "stimulus... response..." "Good guys own guns... ban good guys' guns..."

  3. The Ayatollah Obongo cried Gotcha! and let slip the alphabet soup of super-snoops. The GOP shrugged and stated that we the people (living, dead, and other) have elected a president, not a god-king (contrary to moonbat belief).

    At the last election the whispering you heard in the Ladies' Room was planning for the inevitable defeat of the Old Hag of the Ironwood, and what could be done.

    The impeachment was started on election day. The outcome doesn't matter a whit; what matters is that the ceremony is taking place.

    The Virginia moonbats are doing the gun-grab square dance because some are stupid enough to believe it will help, and the whole business will take up commercial TV air space - which will (they hope) prevent people from looking at the real political situation too closely.

    As for the USSC, they have to hear a case before they can actually do anything. The decision to hear a case is a major event, which it should be. USSC decisions should be 9-0 or 8-1. Instead, the decisions are divided along party lines and every so often some fat ass will abstain, which should get him impeached and disbarred.

    A Federal judge has the authority to declare the law unconstitutional without anyone rattling his cage. It's a sort of you guys knock off the shit ruling that a tired, angry parent might give a group of noisy kids who are arguing about who was safe on second, and did the ball land over the fence on the fly, because if it did, that's an automatic out.

    On the other side of the alley, we now have County Sheriffs declaring their county as a Second Amendment Sanctuary county, where they will refuse to enforce the anti-freedom laws. One sheriff even declared that he would deputize all law abiding adults in the county. This is likely a grandstanding move, but - and this is important - what if he did? Sure, it would take time, and consists of swearing an oath and probably a background check, but if these people were actually classified as deputy sheriffs, the local law enforcement would get pulled up short.