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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Musical Mystery Meat Moralizing

I think it was a year or so back. It was going around that the divorce rate for inter-racial couples ... specifically white/black couples... was north of 90%. And of course, a healthy majority of those divorces involved violent spousal abuse. And - because it was on the innernet it just HAD to be true!!! And of course, every sewer pipe on the net burst at once! RAYCISSSSSSSS!!!! The SJWs chimped out.... errrr, rather, signalled their virtue... until all traces of that study were properly memory holed and File 13ed. 😆👍

I dunno if any of it was true but I sure loved the pandemonium and squawking the incident provoked!  Thank goodness any hint of hateyness, fascism, racism and white supremacy got stamped out!!! Somebody’s feelings might have gotten hurt!!! Thank goodness for political correctness!!!

Ladies and gentlemen and those of indeterminate gender, please
enjoy this submission from Stephen Lynch!!!
Should you burn the coal, we hope you never pay the toll!!!

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