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Saturday, 21 December 2019

Rangers Retarded

I'm old and deaf and a little bit stupid so someone correct me if I'm wrong or misheard something, okay?

Apparently, women can be Rangers now? I'm no expert on matters military; but... we're talking about those guys that are like Navy SEALs, or maybe the Marines... but only WORSE? Those guys that jump out of perfectly good airplanes with 150 lbs. of camping equipment, to pay personal visits to really chitty people? Uncle Sam's personal Antisonofabitch Machine? Those guys?

Hmpffff. I'll be damned. Who woulda thunk women could pass the PT requirements?


Far be it for me - a mere elderly arm chair stubfart - to tell any of the squaddies their business. But... apropos of nothing at all...

How much is this intrepid lass lifting? 120 lbs?

How much does the average squaddie weigh with all his toys?
I'm guessing 250.
I'm probably light. Can your average hyper-athletic woman
lift and drag an injured squaddie with all his equipment?

Well I gotta admit... if a guy did that, even a Ranger... 
he'd probly never fart or walk properly again...

How much does it cost to train your average Ranger? With the fun-filled vacations to exotic foreign countries? The training on the cool toys like hover crafts, helicopters, and rocket launchers? Those guys, reduced to mere monetary economic units... gotta be worth a couple million apiece by the time they show up for work, don't they?

I'm sorry but I think there is a certain black baboon (not mentioning any names, mind you) - that needs to have his "legacy" completely and utterly erased and forgotten. Pozzing the military like this isn't good for anyone.

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