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Saturday, 28 December 2019

The Golden Showe... The Golden RULE

I gotta stop hanging out with the wanks on Gab.

There's a lot of stuff out there that is said and done and tolerated under the guise of "free speech", "art" and "opinion".  But that old nickel about 'How'd you like it if somebody did it to you' kinda puts those things in perspective.

I am firmly convinced their is no real fair way to legislate this kind of stuff. So-called 'hate law' is even worse than libertarian ideas bout rights and freedoms. At some point, if we are going to have to live together without raising black flags and slitting throats - some self control and restraint is going to be necessary.


  1. Yeah; this "art" was actually carried out in New York, with a grant from "The National Endowment For The Arts." I won't even mention its name. The guy probably got a grant for thousands to drop that cross into the piss. God help the person who cuts down a Mexican flag being flown on American soil though. THAT is a HATE CRIME. Of course, the owner of the invader's flag is free to burn the American flag. THAT is FREEDOM OF SPEECH...


    Self-control?... Don't hold your breath...

  2. "At some point, if we're going to live together..."
    It all gets a lot easier if we don't try to live together.

  3. What's that old saw about; 'an armed society is a polite society'? Have you notice most folks who own fire arms are fairly polite and the individuals (I started to call them idiots but restrained myself.) who preach disarmament are rude and aggressive?