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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Retard Plague Preps

Quartermain has been putting up cautionary
Signage to remind us all to wash and
wipe in these highly pestilent times.
Here at Uncle Bob’s, we are giving 
The flu all the attention it

Off To A Typical Spring Start

That was last night... I haven’t poked my nose out to check this morning... but there’s prolly more of that white stuff on the ground now. Spring seems to take forever to arrive up here. It’s going to get chilly too.

The wife is using up some days off, I got laid off in the Great Plague Hoax... so we are just enjoying some down time for now. She stays in bed a little later than usual, I bring her the odd coffee, we play the odd game of scrabble and we’re just hanging out till she goes back to work later in the week. We putter with our hobbies too.

I have an oddball crapcopter that is driving me up the wall. It uses even smaller than usual microprocessors and the pads were so small I couldn’t solder them. Small boards and fat fingers don’t get on well, so I pulled an old F3 controller out of my spares and tried to use that. But...a short circuit in my cranium led to a short circuit on the board... and fried it when I put power on it. I’ll be lucky if I ever get it going. I have a new brain (for the crapcopter) and VTx inbound and should get them today. I’m also going to nigger-rig a smoke stopper this time and hopefully that will prevent cranial shorts inducing electrical shorts in the build.

I got so pished that I finally broke down and bought a cheap DMM from Ukrainian Tire. There will be more monsters birthed in the dungeons of Castello di La Filthie yet!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! From here on out... the smoke will stay inside the electronics.

This will be the last recreational splurge before I go back into minimalist mode. I enjoy this stuff because you can go as deeply as you want into it. Learning to wire one up and go fly is a couple of hours. Learning the aeronautics, electronics, the programming and coding... that can occupy me for years.

This thing WILL fly!!!
Mark my words!!!
Welp... I better haul my arse out of bed and let the dawgs out to squirt and dump! There’s no rest for the wicked!!! Have yourselves a great Tuesday and don’t let the nuttery out there get to ya.

Monday, 30 March 2020

Believe It Or Else, Damn You!!!


Looks like my old buddy Aesop is at the panic button again. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘ But, that’s how these guys roll I suppose. If you don’t fear their bogey man of the moment, you are on their chit list. I’ve always been on his; a hundred years ago he was freaking out over weaponized hobby drones. Our feud began when I pointed out that a two pound UAV was not going to lift tank-busting explosives that weighed 10 or 20. A couple weeks later he was flipping out about how we were all gonna die from Ebola. I saw a gif the other day somewhere, where some stubfarts are at the barber shop. One a the guys coughs, and a moron a couple chairs over loses his marbles and starts flogging the cougher!!! It was hilarious. You don’t want to get infected, but you’re more than happy to beat the pooh out of someone that may have it! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! The purple faced rage heads and panic zealots are what they are, I guess.

I think critically, I can read and I can do math. When I ponder these things, I start from a position 180 degrees away from that of the mass media, politicos and attention whores. It almost always works. You have to be careful with that though, because even stopped clocks are right twice a day.

If you start with the assumption that the media and politicians are lying, generally you are off to a good start. The second part of my process is harder. It isn’t enough to assume they are lying, you have to prove it. In this case, it was relatively easy. I started looking for solid data and voices that ran counter to the established narrative... and there’s tons of it out there. These are real scientists, statisticians and experts throwing their findings out there, showing their work and inviting critique. This is how real science works.
The response from the Usual Suspects was that they were either ignored completely or savagely personally attacked. That is a big tell right there. The proper response would be for the experts to respond by politely challenging the findings with methodical, dispassionate science. Instead, you get rage and fear. Enjoy your shit sammich ice cream, Aesop!๐Ÿ˜†

Ignoring the experts and the Usual Suspects, let us look at the stats for ourselves. Right off the bat, you’ll notice they are all over the place. You can basically ignore the stats from the chinks and the turd world - they have serious credibility and technical issues and can be safely removed from the sample lot. Generally speaking, in first world countries, the fatality rate seems to run between 0.01% and 5%. A run out like that suggests the first world may have its own problems in data management. In statistics, established procedure is that variances of results may vary by ∓ 3%, 15 times out of 20. That’s the norm for a well run study. Obviously our stats depend largely on who’s gathering them. Given the hysterics, the clowns and carnies involved... how about we split the difference and go to the median death rate? That puts us at 2.5%.

Sorry dude. It’s just the flu.

Yes, under the right conditions it can kill you. You can also fall down the stairs, get hit by a bus at the crosswalk, or fall while getting out of the tub.

For what it’s worth, I live and die at the whims of Darwin, Murphy (and, dare I say it), God. Same as everyone else. Okay, I’ll wipe and wash my hands, but that is where it ends.

It’s Monday, and hopefully you all have better things to worry about. The coming financial collapse from this idiocy might be a good place to start.


Apparently these guys are the real deal and not reenactors... it’s a colonized
The next civil war will probably have 5 sides in it...


Looks like the guys in Aug/Sept have hit the home run, 
and the goats are in July/Dec.
I sure wish I could get my bung that clean..
๐Ÿ˜ท ๐Ÿงผ 

Oh well, freedom fries ain’t that bad.

I wonder if sandpaper would work....?

The Mother Of All Hay Bale Poasts

The geese and robins are back, we’ve had a few
warm days that assure us spring is
On the way... but winter stubbornly resists.
A few optimists and hard rocks were out in shirts and shorts...
And I think they jinxed us.
We are in for a week or two of dismal temps.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

War Of The Worlds

Apropos of nothing at all...
Warble gloaming. Feminism. The current virus hoax...

Canadiana Pop Quiz

Can you identify this great Canadian?
Is he:
A.  A screwfaced fwench trollup
B.  The father of a convicted rapist
C.  A socialist carpetbagger from Queerbec
D. A fart catcher for UN kleptocrats
E.  All of the above

Hint: this photo is not photoshopped.

Neither is this one....

Sunday Drive

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Massive Maddening Meme Mash

I am just horrified at the sheer offensiveness of some of the memes people are posting these days!!! What kind of sick mind comes up with awful, horrifying  jokes like these!?!? You’d have to have a poisoned mind - literally worse than Hitler’s, to appreciate any of this dreck! I trust that you will all join with me in condemning this awful, horrifying content!!!!๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿคญ

Pick A Future

Growing up amongst neoliberals as I did, I learned early and hard that you don’t want to be around the hens when the squawking starts and the feathers and flapping start going on! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘ Even when they were not cackling they could drive ya nuts with their lunacy.

I remember being floored by the ones at my wife’s church. They were fascinating to hear. And they could listen as well as talk. I saw this one going on amongst the ladies over at Gab that made me pause by the way they framed their discussion on “choosing a future”.

Certain members of my family just shat the bed on this one. When you frame the choice like that... how in blazes do you get it wrong? It’s a no-brainer... but it is what it is I guess.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Retard School Sex Ed

Shamelessly Stolen From Gorges Grouse

I wonder what his next bright idea will be?
Knowing his record - the fag will probably let all the criminals 
out of jail and tell the cops not to make any
arrests so that the flu will not be spread.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Self Isolation Made Easy

I can’t remember how many times I’ve woken up at work at night -
by a reek so awful that only I could have 
produced it.
Sometimes terrible prices must be paid for good things.

Anyone Up For A Game Of Hnefatafl?

We’ll have to make the board and pieces first!

I love video games but the damned things are so complicated that I can’t play them. I needed to have my daughter around to defend me from the monsters. Otherwise I’d just wade in and get killed. The kids could detach themselves from the game and think whereas I cannot.

I don’t do much better at strategy games either. I love to play though.

I wonder how a chess master would do if he were taken off his usual board and had to battle on this one?

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Girl Politics

The other day I couldn’t handle it any more. I was watching the media and the innernet flipping out about Corona, back when all the stupid people were mooing in fear and getting into bloody knife fights over TP. I worried about my batshit crazy mother. She’s a nutbag just like Nancy Pelosi. She’ll literally play petty politics while the roof is coming down. She gets Pop stirred up too. Last I saw, Pop just seemed to go catatonic when she prattled. He literally turned her off. Hating myself as I did it... I sent the old bitch a text.

“Hey guys, we are fine  - but with all the crazies out and about... I just wanted to let you know that if you needed anything...just give us a call...”

“GAH”, I thought, “At least I asked and showed some concern.” Mom is one of those women that lives on her smartphone... and she took about a half hour to respond. She must have been wondering how to reply. Awhile later the phone buzzed. I groaned and picked it up.

“We are fine too. If you need anything from us, you can call us..”


That was Momspeak for “Go fuck yourself!” I just laughed, relieved. “Same to you, Leslie, I suppose!” My, isn’t she brave!๐Ÿ˜† At least I knew she was alright. Mom was just being Mom. If this thing actually DOES turn into a pandemic, that old bitch will probably survive it, and live to give The Grim Reaper the very hell of it too! She’ll probably turn him into a spitting, gobbing rage head too!!!

Wherever you find drama, you will find women. I just heard that Stretch Pelosi had held up all kinds of Corona-related emergency spending and legislation to play petty politics. I was laughing at Professor Borepatch as he tried to figure out what was wrong with the old bitch’s head... when in fact, there was nothing wrong with her - he was the problem! You can’t expect logic from women.  Fact is, most women, especially liberal women... are not capable logical leadership. They experience life through emotion and respond to it emotionally too. A lot of times that’s good and well... a lot of times it isn’t.


Case in point: The magical retard takes to the mass media to pose as the Noble Victim. The other day Madonna was in the nooz, of course she was tastefully nude in the tub so you could only see one set of her wrinkled old lips, and they were flapping at 100 MPH!!! I’m sure she was just full of heroic encourageMINT too!!! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

I’ll be the first to acknowledge the exceptions to all this. There’s any number of smart, resourceful women with their heads on straight that would like to punch me in the snoot for saying all this. There’s any number of chicken headed men that are losing their chit with this fake pandemic too. But! Exceptions ARE exceptions.

Rather than trying to fathom the feather heads and drama queens as Borepatch does... I think we need to concentrate on the real women ~ the Margaret Thatcher types, the preppers, the home schoolers and the women that actually contribute and help in tough times. How were they made? Where did they come from?

I have a theory on that, for what it’s worth. All I know for sure is that trying to sort out batshit crazy women will probably make you crazy too! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ‘

Have a good Humpday y’all.

Fire Up The Retard Time Machine, Quatermain!

Sorry men, but there’s no help for it! But we got some historical revision to do!

I will be going back in time to kill General MacArthur, FDR and Truman. Then I’m going to scuttle all of America’s aircraft carriers and kill that SOB that invented white underwear for men. America cannot be allowed to defeat the Japanese in WW2!

Hopefully the resulting time stream won’t involve the loss of that last vending machine, boys... wish me luck!