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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Glen Filthie: Man About Town

Du Toit has an interesting one up on his blog. I  have some experience in this area, but claim no expertise. Parents and kids have a lot of power in each other’s lives, and what goes in your family may not go in someone else’s. What do you do with a wayward child who won’t grow up, straighten up and fly right? What do you do with parents who won’t observe the boundaries between families or respect your position in yours? My kid could be making seven figures right now and I could care less. My parents are easily worth that, and I will never see a penny from them either. It doesn’t matter. Money has nothing to do with failures like this.

TB is spot on again too. I dunno how many times I have heard some jack ass pompously assume the moral high ground for himself, accuse his foes of some fake sin like homophobia, racism or misogyny... and then puff himself up, strike a noble pose...and proclaim, “that’s NOT who we are!!!” My question now is, ‘who exactly are you then? What are your moral and ethical foundations and why should I respect them? How do I benefit from them? As a Christian I can answer those questions easily and sensibly. The queers, the angry wahmen, the vibrants and other victim classes and usual suspects will just double down or expand their fake accusations to extort and guilt trip you out of more freebies, gibs, and sympathy. These guys are doing it right: they’re quietly prepping their supplies and gardens for tough times like any adult should. Yesterday, our biggest man without a chest, Prime Minister Turdo La Doo - went on the nooz to brag about how his enlightened gubbimint is going to save us from the pandemic. The initial drop is $25 billion in handouts. Welfare slobs, students with debts, burger flippers, business owners, and many, many others will get some relief. Another $57 billion will be inbound in the form of tax deferrals and loan repayments. Free money for everyone!!! As for folks like you and that work? Welp, we’ll be expected to lean in and make Canada great!😆

In the days ahead, honest men, preppers and responsible citizens that can look after themselves will become targets if things go squirrelly. Make sure you are prepped for that eventuality too.


  1. The ignoble self-described Afrikaner is the epitome of a living, breathing dichotomy, lecturing his followers to in a my way or my way, take your pick philosophy at every opportunity. He's preaching to a voluntarily captive audience, and while I admittedly agree with over half of his opinions, that leaves the other half - and I'm being generous.

    The story comes from the Daily Mail who got it from Reddit, so it's probably scripted.

    The thing to remember is that it's his money. Morally speaking, if the owner of the company is happy with his decision, and if his immediate close friends agree with him, or at least don't vehemetly oppose him, then I'd say he's on safe ground. OTOH, if there are extenuating circumstances, which is very likely considering the source, then he might consider a few alternatives that do not involve paying for someone else's financial blunders or enabling them to make more of the same.

    This is an old situation. Back in the 1970s I remember rock stars who got into the same kind of thing. A lead guitar player would go from eating in a soup kitchen and being on the dole to living in a mansion, and do it almost literally overnight.

    One man had an issue with his father over the length of his hair. The solution? He bought the house. Now his father can't turn him out of it.

    There are any number of similar stories. Just look at the lives of rap musicians, professional sports players, all kinds of wellfare to millionaire situations.

    I believe, right, reason, or none, is that if he gets her prenant and she carries to term, then they have a responsibility to do their very best for the child - and it doesn't stop when the little bundle of joy turns 18 either.

    For instance, a good friend of mine got a call from his ball and chain one afternoon, asking him if he wanted to go half and half in a slightly used pontoon boat with his oldest son. He declined, saying he didn't want a boat payment in six months when the weather gets cold and the son has other plans for the payment money.

    When the same son asked the Old Man to help him fix his refrigerator, Dad groused about it a little, but he did so privately and he showed up to help fix it right after work and before dinner.

    No problem. See?

    1. Well yes and no, Jack. Neoliberals have f***ed with the family unit so the old ties and responsibilities no longer hold. At age 18 everyone is an adult, it's everyone for themselves, and if you have any misconceptions from the old world, you can shove them up your arse because you are an unenlighted bigot! :) In a "family" like that, anything goes and often does!

  2. Glen, the thing that worries me so much about all of the this "magical" money is that it has to be paid for at some point. You cannot just create money out of nothing and have it be worth anything.

    Even a short economic shutdown - like we are having now - will have a huge impact. Imagine if this runs for months.

    First ruling of prepping in an environment like this: Do not stick out. Do not brag about what you own. Do not be remarkable or memorable.

    1. We've been doing it for most of our adult lives, TB. When did we go off the gold standard? We were dead the minute we went to fiat currencies; historically all fiat currencies fail because the grifters in charge cannot be trusted.

      Forgive me TB, I may have asked this before... but do you stack precious metals?