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Friday, 13 March 2020

Now Playing In Shopping Malls Near You

When I was a kid I moved into the fast lane when I was 7. I moved my bedroom downstairs and thought it as great until Vincent Price gave me permanent PTSD with his horrible horror films. All of a sudden the basement was a bad place to be. After a fashion I grew out of Vincent and the corny 50’s monster flicks and thought I was good. Then Charlton Heston, of all people, gave me bed chitting squirts all over again!

Remember “The Omega Man”?

I graduated from silly, childish spooks and bogeymen ... to those that were actually plausible. Eventually I got beyond The Omega Man and started reading all kinds of dystopian science fiction and thriller yarns. It appears that many of us never out grew those adult movies, not suitable for children.

Well, aren’t YOU the smarmy one, you smirking putrid prepper?
When the flames of our dying world go out,
and you’re all dead and gone - rest assured I will appreciate all
Your preps as I loot your stores of TP...

For all you Omega Men out there... have a Good Friday! Keep yer hands where I can see them... and keep your damned ape paws off my TP...

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