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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Off To A Typical Spring Start

That was last night... I haven’t poked my nose out to check this morning... but there’s prolly more of that white stuff on the ground now. Spring seems to take forever to arrive up here. It’s going to get chilly too.

The wife is using up some days off, I got laid off in the Great Plague Hoax... so we are just enjoying some down time for now. She stays in bed a little later than usual, I bring her the odd coffee, we play the odd game of scrabble and we’re just hanging out till she goes back to work later in the week. We putter with our hobbies too.

I have an oddball crapcopter that is driving me up the wall. It uses even smaller than usual microprocessors and the pads were so small I couldn’t solder them. Small boards and fat fingers don’t get on well, so I pulled an old F3 controller out of my spares and tried to use that. But...a short circuit in my cranium led to a short circuit on the board... and fried it when I put power on it. I’ll be lucky if I ever get it going. I have a new brain (for the crapcopter) and VTx inbound and should get them today. I’m also going to nigger-rig a smoke stopper this time and hopefully that will prevent cranial shorts inducing electrical shorts in the build.

I got so pished that I finally broke down and bought a cheap DMM from Ukrainian Tire. There will be more monsters birthed in the dungeons of Castello di La Filthie yet!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! From here on out... the smoke will stay inside the electronics.

This will be the last recreational splurge before I go back into minimalist mode. I enjoy this stuff because you can go as deeply as you want into it. Learning to wire one up and go fly is a couple of hours. Learning the aeronautics, electronics, the programming and coding... that can occupy me for years.

This thing WILL fly!!!
Mark my words!!!
Welp... I better haul my arse out of bed and let the dawgs out to squirt and dump! There’s no rest for the wicked!!! Have yourselves a great Tuesday and don’t let the nuttery out there get to ya.

1 comment:

  1. we play the odd game of scrabble...

    Is that what you call it? We call it doing the laundry.

    Mad Jack: Hey Hot Stuff, how about doing the laundry? It's starting to pile up.
    Hot Stuff: My Mother is coming for lunch, and she's bringing my sister. I have to get lunch ready!

    Later, after lunch.

    MJ: How about that laundry, Hot Stuff?
    HS: I can't right now, I've got to go to the store and run a few errands.

    A couple hours later.

    MJ: Do you think you have time to wash a few things?
    HS: No, I've got to get dinner ready.

    After dinner.

    MJ: Well, it's getting kind of late. I was thinking this might be a good time to do the laundry.
    HS: Really? Just when The Notebook is starting? I never got to see it, and my sister says it's good. Say, do you mind if I invite her and my mother over to watch it with me? You wouldn't like it, and they would.

    After 11:00, and the place is quiet.

    HS: Hey stud, how about doing some laundry?
    MJ: Oh, I already did it.
    HS: What?!
    MJ: I took it down to the Chinese laundry. There wasn't that much, so she just did it by hand.