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Sunday, 1 March 2020

Retch...The Modern Love Story

When the revolution comes and we put the sinners to the sword, I want to be front and centre when they execute the liberal murderers of modern romance. Stuff like this used to annoy me but now it’s just the background noise of the endless liberal circle jerk.  I just wonder how these inverted gender roles came to be, and why they figure so prominently and are so popular in the fake liberal morality plays. I mean, back in the days when we were better people living in better times the boy in this story would have been seen as a despicable twink, and the girl would have been an a laughable sow.

The only theory I have seen that explains these tropes in liberal mythology is that they spring from the new single parent families. Without a father boys have no role model and when they indulge their romanticism - they fetishize their mothers and you get crap like this. I think that is where a lot of these effed up man children are today... they don’t want a wife or a girlfriend, they want a replacement for mommy. And the daughters of single parent families grow up with no idea of how to be a wife or girlfriend.

Maybe I am full a chit... but if you have a better theory for stuff like this, feel free to clue me in, in the comments.

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