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Monday, 13 April 2020

A Fascinating Implosion

I used to be a bit of a comic nerd I suppose. I never spent much time in comic book stores, but if there was a comic book kicking around and I had time to kill... I’d read one. Some of the art work and story lines were worth the time. I used to like Heavy Metal too.

There was mayhem, fun, humour, satire...and the art was something else. It could be really good, or really bad... but there was always a story and an effort that the publishers made to touch the customer and maybe make him think or even laugh.

I guess though, that the comic book industry is collapsing. It’s bad enough that the medium is becoming digitalized and that hard copy comic books are being pressured to go the way of the newspapers... that alone might well prove fatal to the industry.  But to bolster the sales, the usual suspects at Marvel and DC are coming out with new super heroes... ones that are pink and blue haired queers, vibrant chubster women... and other unlikeable degenerates and perverts. And the kids, I guess... are sick of this shit too.

The beardo doesn’t come out and say it... but it’s pretty obvious Gen Z does not like the Millennial influences on their comics! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! Good grief, the first Millennials are having kids of their own now. How time flies. And the kids are sick of their shite too!😆👍

Gawd... I should revive the underground comics of the 70’s. Did any of you read them? The Freak Brothers? Cherry Poptart? Mickey Rat?

Hmmmmmmm... even the characters would be a snap. Pull some names out of thin air: say... Glen Filthie? Mad Jack? Pete F...? As comic book characters I could see them resembling an updated version of these guys:

The hard work is already done! From here on out, they’d literally write their own stories... it’s all just a game of “what if?”

- what if the boys got abducted by anal probing aliens?
- what if they found themselves in a moslem country?
- what if their new boss at work was a Chardonnay-soaked obese cat lady that hated men?
- what if one of them got sexually harassed at work?

I suppose it’s already been done with cartoons like The Family Guy and The Simpson’s and other poor taste cartoons. But... maybe one designed from the ground up, to poke a finger in the eye of mainstream establishment shitlibs? 

Hmmmmmmm🤔 Maybe world famous novelist and adventurer - WL Emery could pen a manuscript for us...


  1. Free-Wheeling Franklin, Phineas, and Fat Freddy with special appearances of Fat Freddy's Cat and - The cockroaches!

    Yeah, I'd buy those comic books...


    1. They were prized possessions back when I was a kid. I don't remember seeing them on the shelves... I wonder where they sold them...?

  2. Glen, I still have a number of X-Men and Thor from the 1980's. I have not seen one in years now and given where I see things headed, have no desire to. They will go the way of newspapers soon enough.

    1. Given the nature of the people involved, I don't think their digital platforms starring these new heroes will do that well either.

      That's all our fault, by the way.... ;)