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Sunday, 12 April 2020

An Upside Down Easter

Oh hi everyone!!!! Happy Easter to ya’s! Today I am soaking my over-heated feet and taking my ease. With nothing better to do we are ramping up the Long Range Dawg Patrols and I’m breaking in a new pair of boots. Needless to say, my twinkle toes took a beating so I am just soaking them out. We only did 6.2 km with my heavy duty ass pack... but it was enough. Cripes... it wasn’t that long ago when Macey or I would run 6 or 10 clicks and think nothing of it. We take her for a short walk, then drop her off and Mort and I head on alone. We’re both bagged when we get back though. I want to get up to doing 10 or 15 with a pack this year...but it’s gonna take awhile.

What a gasser it’s been this year, eh? I and my coworkers all got laid off, our employer may or may not be out of business. My retirement investments are blowing away in the breeze. Our prime minister just raised the carbon taxes on business, the politicians gave themselves a raise... and I’m guessing unemployment in Alberta right now is north of 30%. It’s literally crazy out there. It gets to the point where all you can do is laugh and say to hell with it! Hard times are on the way for a lot of us.

But the sun is out, the snow is starting to melt, and we might be able to put the parkas and toques away next week or the one after. Life goes on, and I guess the trick is to make it as much fun as you can. Hope you have a great Easter lined up, and thanks for dropping in.



  1. Have a Happy Easter anyway, Glen

  2. Happy Easter to you Glen. Your blog is a most enjoyable read and I really appreciate your production of it. Your take on this insane world puts a smile on my face pretty much daily. Good luck to you and your wonderful dogs too.

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