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Sunday, 26 April 2020

Bow Bender Ballistical Buggery - Doing Your Homework

This is the shoulder bone on your average moose.
With a blown shot, bow hunters have seen their arrows lodge
in the bone and create nasty superficial wounds
that can result in great pain and even a brutal prolonged and inhumane death
for the animal. That is not what the game is about.
Here, we deliberately shot at one to test our arrow performance in
a simulated, worst case real world scenario.

There is absolutely no need for this to happen either. It’s NEVER a wrong decision to pass up a shot at a game animal. But if you keep your ranges sane and do your homework, most hunting shots will be ridiculously easy and the game will be over in one with minimal pain and suffering for the animal. Hunting is supposed to be fun... and I see so many morons turning it into some kind of ordeal.

Tune your bow. Use adult sized arrows with the stiffest spine and heaviest warhead you can get. Practice. I’m happy to say mine blasted right through that bone with no trouble whatsoever!

Hopefully I’ll get a good shot in the fall...

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