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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Down With The Creeping Crud...

Morning all. I have a bit of the pip going on that I am going to sleep off. I will fortify myself with a shot of medicinal spirits... and go crash. I don’t have any good rude jokes today, but will be back on that as soon as possible.

If it turns out to be The Plague and I croak from it - please don’t let Aesop desecrate my corpse. He’d pose it in obscene positions and I can just imagine all the rotten memes he’d make of it...🤢 He’s upset that I am not panicking over the Corona hoax.

Winter is not giving up here, think it was -25C yesterday. Not nearly as bad today but still chilly. Hope y’all are safe and sound. For me, it’s a fine time to be down.




  1. Hang in there Filthie!! Please report in.

  2. If you lose your sense of smell...panic. Take care and heal up, we need your irreverence.

  3. Get well soon.

    PS: I sure wish that entire instrument panel was in the frame. I love old steam gauges.

    1. Roy. I found I could buy those red safety covers that you can see over a toggle switch in the lower left corner.
      Every time I uncover a switch I can murmur things like, "Arming weapons!"

  4. Take it easy and catch up on your reading. Get well soon!

  5. I've decide that if illness strikes, whisky at least make me not really care. that's important, since alcohol is important to mental clarity.

  6. Well thanks for stopping in you guys. It was just a mild 24/48 hour flu was all. Pour four fingers of Highland Park, and go to bed.