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Friday, 24 April 2020

Filthie Street People

Good morning everyone, I'm so glad to have you here!!!

As most of you know, or are beginning to suspect, the Great Chinky Pox Panic is largely just that at best. The real damage to come will be when the economy crashes - as it already has for many of us! Sadly, me and all the other retards at Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys And Unsavoury Dinglehoopers  - we're all out on the street!!! The gubbimint had all kinds of social relief programs set up but they are only for migrants, vibrants, and other turdies and jack nasties!!!! All we got was the punt!!! 💀😡💀

So... I am out here on the corner, shining shoes. Quartermain is a full time squeejee kid, and the others are out panhandling whatever they can get. We had to fight tooth and nail to get this street corner; the druggies and crack heads nearly got the best of us a couple times, trying to run us off! Why, just this morning I got into a major bum-fight with Pete F in this vagrant turf war. He got me with a flurry of rabbit punches, and then threw me into a full nelson!!! But I squiggled out of it, and then put him into a Father Nelson - and that was the end of that!!! Harrrumppfpfpfpf!!! Bet we'll never see him on our street corner again!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!!😆👍

So for now... we are alright!!! We have income and big plans. From here we can get into the big money like black market bath tub gin, underground gambling rackets, and maybe some other lower forms of disorganized crime. Or maybe we will go pro with the Bum Fights? Box Car Filthie is already 1 and 0... The economy is going to change and we will change with it in time. Or maybe we'll all start riding around on the roofs of trains from town to town - looking for work. My grandad did that and my older uncles did too. When they found a gig they worked and sent the money home.

For now - how'djya like a shine? Only a nickel a shoe!!! No...? Fair enough, BP has a merry fire going in a garbage can, and we have a few cans a beans. In our new way of life, every meal is a feast, every pay cheque is a bonanza! How about some music themed for our new way of life...?

🎼  I smoke old stoagies I have found,
Short - but not to big around... 🎵 

We've all been here before, our parents lived through tough times, and we will to. Have yourselves a wonderful Saturday - and those of you that are feeling the pinch and are starting to sweat bullets - stop it!!! We'll take this one head on and pull through it together! Keep your chins up - I will be watching you all very carefully and violators WILL be punished!!!



  1. Hey Filthie..... Try this one on for size:

  2. There were a couple of times, I was homeless but I never panhandled. I had a job at the time but couldn't make the rent and the two deposits.

    I'm not mad, I just know your humor. I used to get mad at Unca Bob's treehouse but after awhile, I would that just Glenn.

    No worries though, you gave me an idea for a meme.

    God bless you.

    1. All my stuff is meant in jest, Quartermain. And to be truthful, I've been between a rock and a hard place too. Probably will be again soon too....

    2. Honest Glenn, I knew that. I knew it was a joke and I took it as one. Again, thank you for the meme idea. I wasn't angry. As a Christian brother, I think I know your heart.

      God is always with you. The experience I described didn't traumatize me but toughed me.

      If you get in between a rock and a hard place, again God is always with you.

      God bless you.

    3. My meme: