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Sunday, 26 April 2020

Hoax. Just As I Thought... But... Conspiracy???

Via Irish. Highly recommended reading.

Wow. At the beginning I said this thing was a friggin hoax. To be truthful I later backed off that; saying instead that it may have been a simple over-reaction. To be truthful, from an academic and scientific perspective, it was far to early back then to say so. But in my guts, I knew something was up.

This is now looking to some like a full blown conspiracy... but that doesn’t sit well with me. For this to succeed as one, there are too many moving parts, too many idiots involved, and too many potential whistle blowers.

How did we get duped so easily? It’s important to know; we just liquidated about 1/3 of our small businesses, crashed our economy for several years, and incurred debts our grandchildren will inherit. Up here in Canada my moronic prime minister is STILL throwing billions around with gay abandon. There is a profit in selling shite to stupid people, and the media is still selling copy and boosting ratings by pushing ever more hysterical narratives. Men that should know better are buying it. So is every box-wine soaked rage head cat lady... because Orange Man Bad, dontchya know.

The obvious neurotics and nutters will be running with this for a long time... but what about the rest of us? My theory is now that this was an unintentional  panicked over reaction, spurred by the thought that China might have inadvertently released a bio weapon on the world. While that is now obviously false... it is a useable crisis to use for ulterior purposes for all kinds of shitty people.

We’re being played now, folks. We saw the diversion, now we are going to see the sleight of hand. Keep your head on a swivel, one hand on your side arm, and the other on your wallet.


  1. I've been saying the same since the beginning, Glen. It's amazing how fear, especially of "The Invisible Enemy," can get even otherwise rational people to chase their tails, and gets them to trust government to save them, even though government regularly focks up two-car parades!

    Notice the new tack in the campaign; "There's gonna be a second wave in the fall!" There's no guarantee that having antibodies to Kung Flu will protect you against getting it again!" You can SEE the mechanism working.

    Yeah; we might have to shoot our way out of this one...

  2. I agree. I've had enough of the first wave.

  3. "How did we get duped so easily?" Well, on our side of the political aisle we had people like Aesop who puts up an excellent front as someone who knows what he's talking about and what he's been saying reinforces the panic sowing from the other side.

    Then he is supported and defended by others because some of us tried to warn that he was not reliable.

    In essence, a couple otherwise reasonable people got duped by someone who was vested in this being a plague and it made it seem more viable.

  4. Historically, when dealing with any infection there are waves until herd immunity and mutations takes place. The most classic example is The Plague. So, yes, SARS-cov-2 will rear its ugly head again next fall and probably again the following year before it becomes just part of the usual suspects of winter cold and flu season.

    For me, this whole episode just reaffirms that 'The Media' is a bunch of ignorant, fearmongering terrorists. Most elected officials are part of an organized crime syndicate. There is a reason the Bible calls humanity, sheep. And, if, I want to keep respiratory viruses at bay I need to stay as healthy as I can, plus, a little extra Vitamin D and C can't hurt.

  5. Not a conspiracy in the classic sense. We have a bureaucracy populated with leftist fellow travelers who all think the same. They don't have to be told what to do or to coordinate their efforts, they just do what they do in accordance with their ideology. They all saw this as an opportunity.

  6. I had a gut feeling from the start that the panic would be worse than the illness. In the military, I'd hear rumors and doomsday scenario, needless to say, one grows skeptical. I don't listen to the TV news and I was more worried about idiocy than illness.

    Most conspiracies are done by idiots, and very few come to fruition. Eventually their bad deeds find them out.

  7. Well thanks for dropping in, all a ya's!!! Hope you had a great Sunday. My hero and role model, The Z Man - was doing some speculating today that made a lot of sense. He spoke of "the Karen's and cucks" who are getting right off on the power trip this fake plague gives them. They have the mindset of that pesky grade two hall monitor that used his authority to hassle the other kids and be a dink about it. Self important bozos are supposedly in the stores enforcing masks, social distance and all that bullchit.

    Like Angus, I had a run-in or two with Aesop on this and couldn't figure out why he is so adamantly pushing the doomsday scenario... and I think Z has his number. For awhile there he looked and sounded like a big shot that was going to save the world - but for all that, he loses his chit when somebody questions his larping and starts thinking for themselves. I don't want to keep picking on him... but it is what it is. People don't like getting scolded and harassed by cretins on an ego trip... and there is going to be some blow back on this soon.

  8. I read that article as well. I've had similar experiences and I couldn't agree more.

  9. conspiracy, yes. follow the money. gates, fauci, birqs, all of them stand to make a shit ton of it. why else would they dismiss viable treatments so quickly, so strongly? they are all deep in the dnc pockets too. they are all directly connected to Wuhan. it goes on....i believe they purposely let it out of the lab, then played us by telling us china was hiding the death toll etc. we, eager to believe the worst of china, ate it up. have you seen any footage of bodies in the streets? mass graves or funeral pyres? how about the masses of hospital patients that were supposed to be overcoming the "medical system"? i tell you what i see. my rn niece crying because she's been laid off, with hundreds more. its a scam. we bought hook line and sinker.

  10. The ONLY way we will end this is to start a war with leftists and "no quarter"!
    The left wants population control.....good.....let's get ride of the sniveling, whiney, useless snowflakes. They couldn't survive in a post-chink-virus world anyway wthout their extra soft and fluffy a$$wipe and youtube. I'm so pi$$ed off right now!
    Have a nice day

  11. Rich,
    You notice the population reducers never volunteer to go first!

  12. Rich,

    With the left, some need to sleep in their vomit to straighten up. Many have and I think & hope that many more will.