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Monday, 20 April 2020


One of my favourite rotten OyTubers is a bushcraft camper that is really hitting his stride. I started following him a couple years back, and his presentations were curt, forced and unnatural. He reminded me of myself when I first started in technical sales, and it took me a couple years to hit my stride and style. Now he peppers his vids with rude jokes and some clowning and he's more fun to watch, and he seems to be having more fun with his productions. He's an ex-Marine who's been in the brown stuff and came out the other side stronger and happier. He often quotes from one of his rottener Sargents whom he obviously held in dubious regard.

"Every pay cheque is a bonanza! Every meal is a feast!" apparently - and that is when our good Corproral goes on to make something over a campfire that will stop your heart and clog your arteries right over the internet, HAR HAR HAR!

This idiotic panic and lockdown is getting the better of a lot of us. But there can be a lot of good coming out of it if you approach it the right way.

I think we are all going to become experts in adversity and making the best of it in fairly short order. Best a luck to ya - and here's a few more oldies for you as well:

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  1. Glen, could you post a link to, or the name of said bushcraft camper? Much appreciated.yy