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Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The Filthie Archeologist: Scribbles

This kind of thing fascinates me. Lately I've become fond of academic biblical archeology. Many of the battles and events in the old testament actually happened; and are documented by other parties that participated in them. They describe them through the eyes of non-Christians and it's fascinating to compare them. You can be an absolute hardcore atheist and still be fascinated by the voices and artifacts of the people actually involved. The reactions of the Romans are hilarious as they rage at these maddening Christians that are popping up everywhere, sometimes right in their own courts and households. Some wanted them eliminated, others, were indifferent, and still others converted. Controversies that put men at each other's throats are nothing new.

I am beginning to get the impression, as an amateur chit house historian... that our worst falls and collapses come when we mainstream idiocy, greed, jealousy, and anger and we divide ourselves into farcical factions. You get a perfect storm of failure that can take centuries to sort out and reduce powerful empires to rubble.

I am also getting the impression that these are the last of the good ol' days, and that we should enjoy them as much as we can.


  1. Every empire eventually implodes
    Maybe our time has come
    Obesity will disappear
    Keep praying
    P.s. Have you been baptized yet?
    I await the glad tidings
    So interesting to learn about the customs of the ancients
    Throws much light on Scripture, among other things
    Once read that an ancient historian was reported to be inaccurate until modern geologists proved he did know what he was writing about in relation to water availability in what is now a dry region
    For one, I believe our ancestors described what they saw, although they might have not known exactly what it was
    Just saw on tv that santorini blew up in Moses time and may have contributed to the plagues in egypt

  2. I haven't been dunked, Deb. I am still very uncomfortable with my faith and some of my feelings about past events. I can't walk the Christian walk yet because of some of them and would feel something of the hypocrite were I to get it done. In our church it's a public thing and after the meat grinder I've been through over the last couple years... I just want to stay in the background. But I read the book every day and go through some of the plans and try to apply what I learn when I can... and one day maybe I will be worthy of getting up there in front of people and get dunked... who knows? For now I am just not a good enough man for that.

  3. He came for the unworthy--us!
    He will perfect you maybe even after you die to this world.
    None are worthy, all have sinned and fallen short.
    It is the human condition in a fallen world, no getting out of it!

  4. Glen - You have confessed to being a follower of Christ. None of us are worthy of His sacrifice. You just keep thanking Him every evening before going to sleep for His blessings. Then, the next morning thank Him again for waking up and getting another opportunity to live in His Grace. Most of us have done stuff we aren't proud of. Remember every last one of us is saved by Grace and Grace alone. Keep reading you are on the right path.

  5. Getting dunked doesn't get you to heaven. Just a public testimony of what has already happened.
    Glad to hear you are in The Book.

    Hebrews 10:23;