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Saturday, 18 April 2020

The Filthie Girl Watcher

I saw an excellent clip a long time ago about those Pussy Riot chicks. They were protesting at the Olympics and making a nuisance of themselves the way these women do... so the cops showed up and politely asked them to cut it out and disperse as the Olympics were not about Crotch Warriors or Wahmen's Issues. The gals of course, went nuts on the cops, telling them to FOAD, they chanted and screamed slogans - the usual hysterical bullchit. So the cops waded in, and started slapping and back handing the silly hags into submission. I roared with laughter and gave the vid a like or a thumbs up... but probably for the wrong reasons.

Hate to say it, Miss... but it's probably yours....

I have to ask. Is it that we live in ridiculous times, or that women are ridiculous? So much of this shite that they pull these days... it borders on mental illness. In one of our last conversations my mother was running her mouth about my militant lesbian daughter. Mom has always been a hysterical shitlib and took to feminism and homosexuals like a duck to water. I told her that I’d gone along and been a good chit: I started out perfectly willing to entertain liberal notions of sexuality and feminism. I got off that bus n the 1990’s when I saw where it was headed. I asked my mom how she could seriously defend the notion of 52+ genders... and for once the old bitch stalled and looked like she might concede a valid point. Then her inner hamster spun up in its wheel and the old bird accused me of some phobia or other. Of all the women in the pics above, I might be able to maybe converse with the first and last ones. 

I don’t think the old world feminists and suffragettes intended any of this....

Did they?


  1. borders on mental illness.

    Borders on mental illness? Borders? Have you been drinking?

    Look, some of these so-called demonstrations are so far from reality that you'd need a AAA trip-tik and Divine intervention to find your way back - and that's from the nosebleed seats. If you're ringside, be sure and tell me what color the sky is today, because I'll guarantee you that particular color is not found in nature.

    The girl I used to date, Migraine One, was a registered Feminazi. Then she finished college and got a job with a newspaper. She eventually did well for herself and ended up as Editor in Cheif, or whatever the top dog is called.

    Then she published an article that the owner of the paper didn't like, and by the time the dust settled she had brand new teeth marks on her butt and a nice, respectful attitude for upper management. I gather the phrase "Class A ass chewin'" was used more than once.

    Someone asked me why we broke up.

    "Because," I replied, "she's a neurotic with psychotic episodes and a drinking problem."

    Which describes most of what you see during a rug muncher demonstration.

    Here's the thing about Migraine One, and it applies to the entire bat-shit crazy SJW LGBT alphabet soup crowd. When Migraine One was an investigative journalist, she got wind of a few credible death threats via the FBI. They came to her and told her that certain people have taken exception to a few controversial articles about local politics that she'd printed, and it would be a good idea to take precautions. So Migraine One started packing heat, and as soon as she got out of the newspaper biz, she stopped packing heat.

    Now, here's the thing. Right from day one she was anti-gun. She continue to campaign against the Second Amendment while she herself was packing a loaded pistol - and she truly believes that her stance is perfectly logical and reasonable.

    That's what you're arguing with. Migraine One is more than a bit nuts, and while you're welcome to argue with her about anything, your arguments will be met with nonsense.

    The rest are all alike. Crazier than a sack of cats.

    It'll be time for happy hour soon. Here's how!

  2. Thanks to the higher level academics over the last 60 years for pounding the Liberal gospel into the mush-brains of young people we've been liberated from the oppressive chains of traditional American values and shown the true collective values of individualism created by lack op societal moral discipline.