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Thursday, 9 April 2020

The Filthie Woman-Hater

I need to get the weasel words out right up front. Yes, I know all women aren't like this. There are many smart, competent ladies out there and from time to time, they will even drop in here despite the horrible smell and the gutter level discussions. None of this applies to them.

I started out today with a short dawg walk, and a trip out to The Winter Palace for some archery and snow bank coffee. It's starting to warm up again, thank the Lord. I am just sick of winter and snow.

The pot on that Jet Boil camp stove (approved and endorsed by internet celebrities and outdoor authorities like WL Emery and M) - holds about a quart and a half of water.
I had to pack it full of snow, and then add about two packed double handfuls of snow
just to fill it with melted water. One forgets how much snow it takes to make a pot of coffee...

I'm still mulling over The End Of Gynocracy by the Z Man. I  believe, as he does, that many of the growing social problems we have today are the result of the bad voting habits of women. Examples might include growing single parenthood, bloated and ineffectual social programs, and hysterical politics like the over reaction to The Chinkypox virus.

So far today I've met about six women. Every single one of them had to make a big show about about social distancing, and then talk my ear off about how they are doing it and how it is impacting their lives. They all talked about the brave sacrifices they are making in locking down … and every single one of them talked about how they had some friend or relative that had to be scolded to make them obey the lockdown and quarantine procedures. Then they confidentially remarked about how they are getting around the lockdowns themselves, for - you know - the important stuff like chiro-quack appointments, veterinary visits for their pets, or some other essential service they must have, HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! Every single one!!! Of course, I was there only to listen so I just said 'yep' and 'uh-huh' and 'absolutely!' when they paused long enough to make sure I was listening. You aren't gonna convince them of anything.

Queen Mary was the last to gabble my ear off while I was out there to shoot at King Peter's butt, HAR HAR HAR!!! After she was gone I prayed to my Maker to look out for her and the other feather-headed clucks that are being sucked into this thing... and give me some success with the pointy sticks and the job search. I did have an odd run of luck at the butts today, if that means anything.


  1. I find most men to be solitary creatures, giving no more than a cursory greeting when required.

    If a man wanted conversation with you for some reason - and I'm betting it would involve some problem he's having with archery - he might offer you a shot of something to go along with your coffee, and gratefully accept a cup if you were kind enough to offer. He'd then get down to business (I've been trying to hit something with this rig for over a month. Will you watch me and tell me where I'm going wrong?).

    As for the rest of it, we just do the best we can. As for the whole social distancing effort, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I don't like most people anyway, but try to keep me away from my veterinarian if my critter needs doctoring, and you're liable to spring a leak.

    I talked to my old buddy from South Dakota last night, and I guess they have two or three cases in Pierre (the capital city), but at the Chinese owned meat packing plant in Sioux Falls, they've got nearly a hundred confirmed, and more on the way. In a meat packing plant that runs 24/7/365 and owned by the chinks, no less.

  2. Found a video of Aesop speaking to his legion over at Irish's place. Video is captioned Ugandan police or something but it's sounds just like you know who. Pretty funny. Watch to the end.

    1. He's hilarious. Aesop has kinda shot himself in the foot with this and he just keeps digging. Last I heard some of his fanboys told him to take his police state health Nazis and mandatory lock down and lock ups - and FOAD. He plays well to gullible and fretful seniors hypochondriacs.

  3. I have been beside myself since the (what I consider “evil”) lockdown. My fury is predicated on the destruction of our Constitution and our country - i can no longer read the “news” as it consists almost exclusively of this damned virus and how it has affected the world. I have almost worked myself into an ulcer. But last night as I ruminated over the source of my anger, I remembered these people, these doom and gloom soothsayers who rejoice over every negative scrap of information, are the same people who told us Hillary! was a shoe-in, that Trump had no chance and he should just gracefully bow to the inevitable.

    I knew in 2016 Donald Trump would win. I never wavered from that faith and turned off election results at 8:10 pm when the first three states reported.

    God was with us then and He is with us now. All we need is God and Donald Trump for we are Americans and we will find our way back.

    Found this -

    “Feel good religion has pretty shallow moorings. Row out into the deep. When the storms come, try to remember that He who calms the storm is always in the boat with you.”

    Have faith. He is in our boat.

    1. Well... that is kind of the beef I have with his ilk too. If you have a serious, death dealing pandemic that is going to kill people like flies and take out half your population... then yes, I can see lockdowns. But for this...?

      Aesop always does that. On any issue he'll concede the moral high ground to leftists and then try to pass himself off as the moral guardian of it. People are beginning to see through these old clowns - and they're more like you and I. "Sure, Lefty. We will LOOK at more powers for the gubbimint… but we need to know EXACTLY what you are going to do with them, and how they will be used..." and we all know what the usual answer is to that.

      I no longer concede anything to the left, you're just negotiating with lunatics, morons, or flat out evil people that hate you.

      They can have their pandemic fear porn and keep it to themselves, thank you very much.