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Monday, 20 April 2020

The Winter Of My Discontent

Welp... I plumb done it. Yesterday I cracked the Ice Tomb and went in and gave Big Red a crank. The  Battery Gods love me and smile upon me, and the big highway bike rolled over and rumbled its friendly greeting. I’ll be out later this week or next. No rush.

I coiled up the winter block heater cords and put them in the shed along with the snow shovels, the sidewalk salt and ice chipper. The retreating ice floes reveal several metric tons of K9 land mines, and the wife made the first crack at the pick up. I will continue on this week and should have that beat in the next couple days.

As I puttered about I thought back about the last winter. Usually, by this time I have slipped and fallen at least three times on the ice. The kind of wipe outs where your feet fly out and up, and you go down hard. It’s looking like I escaped that this year. I can still take a fall...but gawd, I am at the age where that ground gets harder every year. It’s been an odd winter; usually I get sick during the holiday season with everything from flu, to colds and even bronchitis and pneumonia... but not this year. I made it until spring without getting sick once. That’s a record of sorts for me. I need to make a point of thanking my Maker for all that one at some point.

To hell with it! I’m making the decision that it is now safely spring! It’s time to look ahead.

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