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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

To Boldly Go...

It looks like we’ve discovered a strange new race of seemingly intelligent hominids:

I wonder what they’re singing about?
I can’t see seaweed being something to sing and dance about...

Their music is reminiscent of that of the space darkies we ran into on that planet orbiting around Africanus 7.  The beat is infectious and just makes ya just want to grab the nearest green chick and start cutting a rug!!! But they don’t speak any of the Galactic Standard languages! I’ve tried Dirkadirkastanni, Gabbagabbaweebejabbian, and fwench! They like to drink and fight and they obviously have a good sense of humour.

If any of you are xenolinguists, and have a crock of whiskey and a red shirt... I think we should try to make contact and establish relations!!! But we got to be careful! I’d hate to see us make the same translation mistakes we did with those aliens on New Pakistan....

Some of these ladies will stop your heart - so remember what colour yer shirt is.

Have a good Tuesday!

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