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Thursday, 30 April 2020

Up Yours, Blumpf!!! Orange Man Bad!!!

Gawd I love The Bee. They even took a cheap
shot at themselves at the end.


Has the press always been this bad? About 20 years back I was at the point where I couldn’t take the mass media anymore. Being a conservative, it was turning me into a purple faced rage head. It was like I was always being trolled by 12 year old girls - stupid 12 year old girls. But the lefties or maybe the general public loved it... so I tooned out. The lefties smirked and hooted in derision and most got even worse.

Today they are still making rage heads... but now they are coming from the liberal side. They’re literally trolling their own readers now, and every day their heads explode like popcorn at Blumpf’s latest idiocy and villainy. It’s so bad now that I don’t believe anything I read.

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    What is the bee,s Internet address? Thanks!