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Saturday, 25 April 2020

With the quarantines, church is off for the wife. 
I hear that for the mudflaps, it’s Ramadan-A-Ding-Dong or some damned thing...
and the mosques are wide open because everyone knows that goat fuggin 
Moslems don’t get Chinky Pox. Or something. You’d have to ask a hare lipped retard 
or a liberal about how that works...

Elk? Or moose...?

Macey meets my new horse...
Don’t think she’s impressed...

Sunday brunch with the hoopleheads.
When the Chinky Pox is over... I SWEAR I will never
drink Tim Hortons or Starbuck’s swill ever again. I don’t like
their product... and the
company is better out here.

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