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Sunday, 12 April 2020

You Can Hear The Devil Laughing From Here

- Or -

“I Gotta Stop Hanging Out At Gab, Part MMCLIII

Do you remember, decades ago back in school when slow kids like me and Jack and Pete would get caught by the teacher doing stuff like this in our books... and then get beat and sent down to the office? Little did you know that we were actually inspired visionaries, born decades before our time! I wonder if we can sue our old teachers retro-actively for their bigotry and intolerance??


  1. My husband's doodles in the margins of his work was much tamer than yours. His was tanks, heavy artillery and such. Evidently he only had one teacher that didn't get upset by his doodling and appreciated him keeping himself entertained while the rest of the class finished up. I never doodled and only did just enough to learn the concept then I was done. There were lots of 'conversations' about me finishing my work. And I'm still not much better today.

  2. May a thousand meth-head camel fleas infest your armpits, and your arms shrink to 1 inch long. Now, will hypochlorite fix my eyes or should I cut it with acetone and battery acid....