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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Why I Gotta Stop Hanging Out At Gab - Part LMCXVIII

*burns down a bank*
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I don't get it. Apparently the biggest problem in these highly shitlib cities, where their pets are burning and looting in roving mobs... is white supremacy groups. Their law enforcement agencies are on high alert for any racism!!!!! While their city burns...

Again, from Gab:

As one of my favourite bloggers likes to say... this is not going to end well.


Yesterday we did a shortie down at the park. Summer is about to begin. It was hot, sunny and beautiful. Ol’ Macey is really slowing down now. We walked extra slow so she could be out front... but our pace was a crawl. We only went about half a click, and she crashed in the shade under a picnic table and dozed.

But she is still happy! She even jumped into the car by herself today! 😊👍

When we got home she let me lift her out, and she went into the house and fell asleep in her crate after a treat. It was a quality walk, and one that I will treasure.

Meanwhile In Venezuela...

The wife and I got in a spat the other day. I’d like to buy more metals (silver)... and she said that if the SHTF, she’d prefer to have food and supplies. I wonder if it is still possible to do business in Venezuela if you have hard currency? Maybe she has the right of it...

Might Be Too Early To Celebrate...

On Safari With WL Emery

Sometimes I dunno whether I’d do Africa
with a big 416 Rigby...
or Vickers machine gun...
I’d hate to run into the critter that did it for this boy...

Saturday, 30 May 2020

A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

...and asks a thousand
questions too!


Take off the leather frillies and tassels,
And that beast would be motorcycle perfection...

Filthicus: One World Gubbimint

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s a fine day here in Ancient Rome, where I am taking my ease in the World’s Capital and trying to figure out what the world’s new money is going to look like. In your world you have it easy; it doesn’t matter what currency you are in, you just rattle on the computer and - BOOM! - you can convert Everything from rubles to rupees into Euros, USD or even rusbucknicks! Back here in the ancient world... trying to trade in coin turns into a chit show!

I shall call it “The Sistercian”! 
On one side is a picture of me with serious bed head after
a bender, and on the other: a likeness of me
guzzling an amphora of wine with all my junk hanging out!
Eh? Eh?!?
Feast your eyes!

Can you imagine trying to trade money in this setting? Not only does our coin change from tyrant to tyrant - half the time the measures do too! You may have Standard American units of measurement for weight, volume, length, pressure, etc etc... but here it changes from village to village. Any kind of precision trading is almost impossible.

Hey Quartermain! What does a Mycenaean get when he walks
into a wall with a hard on?
A nose bleed! HAR HAR HAR!
Look at the beak on this dude!

That guy looks like either a Scot or a Jew.
I bet that coin squeaks when ya try to spend it!!!

That one’s not bad. None of these coins 
are round. I wonder if it was the way they were
struck, or if it is just wear from being passed through so many hands...?

There’s another fella that walked into the wall...

Of course, these coins are worth many times what they were when the moneyers first struck them. I was watching an old crockumentary about that guy that used to own the LA Kings. He was so rich, he was like a modern day Caesar. He had just bought Wayne Gretzky, at the height of his career - to play for his team out of pocket change. He also was one of four people to have a complete collection of Ancient Roman coins. The rarest coin was an unremarkable, scabby little thing a bit smaller than a dime... and there were only four of them in the world. It was worth millions. In my next life... maybe I will collect these too, and study up on the times and the people that used them.

As for you - have a good weekend, and spend your money wisely...😊

Friday, 29 May 2020

Friday Night Steamstresses

Everyone Got Their Tinfoil Hats On...?

Hickock 45 - that YouTubing Texan - learns us everything we need to know about Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle that he used to pot JFK:


Hickock says it's possible that this gun could have been used to kill JFK. I suppose it's possible that Epstein killed himself too. But... oh boy. With that rifle, with that optic, and a milsurp beater...? And good grief... that scope mount...?  With the speed and precision...? I would dearly loved to visit the actual site. If Hickok says it could be done, he's probably right.

From up here in Alberta, 50 years later from my out house... the whole thing stinks. There's a reason our squaddies that do such wet work will pick and choose the equipment they do. If any old bargain basement junker would do... they would use them.  Then they have to train with it. To practice the lead, the shot, and the follow up shots on a moving target - to me - implies rehearsal and training - and that in turn implies people with the money and facilities to provide it. To me that further implies an organization with the motive and wherewithal to take out a president. And not only that - but take out the patsy after the deed.

I like the 'second shooter' theory myself, based on what little I know of all this. I reserve the right to be corrected. I don't think Oswald fired those shots.

Maybe it's like the Epstein thing: We will never know, and some big time power brokers will make sure of it.

Did Uncle Sam Just Die?

I guess this is what a power vacuum looks like.

I lifted this one from the blog of a nasty and exceedingly 
stupid woman. This is what the Minneapolis thing looks like to her
and her leftist finger puppets.

...and this is the reality of it.
The pic on top is a protest; the one below?
That’s a race war firming up.
Luckily for this fella... the other side hasn’t shown
up yet.

You can’t run a country like this. I wonder how the libturds plan to get along with blacks when any slight is an excuse for burning and looting?

Retard Sex Ed: Know Your Bitches And Their Life Cycle

I am old and stupid and sometimes stuff crops up on the innernet and I wonder if the cool kids aren’t having sport at my expense. 

There are people out there that believe, as I do, that the modern liberal woman is a blight on western civilization and may just bring the roof down on us. They’ve done all kinds of damage in their families... and in my country’s politics and leadership. The pattern seems to be that there is just no way of making them happy. Even after they’ve destroyed their families they’re still pished at the world. And their unhappiness and failures are never their own fault.

Cool buzzwords and jargon have come to describe various aspects of the phenomenon, like “socio-sexual apocalypse”. A “Karen” is a middle aged bitch, usually with a bad haircut - that is spoiled rotten and just wants to make trouble and be a pest. The memes and rude jokes about them are everywhere.

The Official Shrew Life Cycle Chart

So... is this legit? Are all these other ones a thing too?

According to this chart, my daughter graduates from a “Becky” to a “Karen” this year! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! Why... it seems only yesterday that she was a Hailegh/kaelee/Mayli!!! I wonder what the character traits of these budding bitchlets are...? I’d be willing to take a swing at it but I’d hate to be accused of misogyny! HAR HAR HAR! 😆👍

Hmmmm... so after the “Karen” stage, the shitlib woman transitions into the menopausal “Susan” stage. I can well imagine this phase of life: guzzling wine by the box, purple faced rage episodes, and cats! And from there, the shitlib woman finishes out her life cycle with homicidal/suicidal mood swings... please put the gun down Gertrude!!!😲

Hmmmmmpfffpfff! Interesting theory... this a joke? Or the actual way of it?

GAH. What a way to finish the week, eh? I will find a Friday Night Steamstress and hopefully finish off your work week in style!

Bird Hunting

The story here is that this Hind gunship
got potted a squaddie
with a 50 cal.

I’d love to know the story here. These gunships are bad news, and if there was one in my airspace, I’d get the hell out of Dodge unless I had something equally nasty to deal with it! When you are shooting at guys that can light up an entire neighborhood... you don’t want to miss!

I had a buddy with a .50 years ago. I think I recall him saying that it cost him something like $5.00 a shot, and that he had to buy a special large reloading press to make ammo for it. Too rich for my blood. 

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Life Intervenes

Awhile ago I accepted banishment from and/or rejected my shitlib family when the culture wars erupted in our midst. I don’t like their neoliberal moral relativism, their intellectual dishonesty, their double standards or their fake narratives and I won’t abide them. They make me crazy. Nor am I a culture warrior. I shoot my face off here on the blog but In meatspace I want to get on with my life. I want to put all this anger and hate they stir in me in a bottle and leave it aside. If I could ask three wishes of my Maker, it would be patience, humility, and wisdom. I don’t know how to deal with those people and their bullshit or their endless soap operas.

Dad called and left a message on the cell the other day. He’s almost in tears, we haven’t spoken in over a year. 

All my life I have lived here. Others uprooted and moved cross country and went where their work and careers took them. I stayed here, thinking it was just as good here as anywhere else. We bought a home, paid for it in blood, paid it off early...and started saving a small nest egg for retirement. I figured I could keep watch over my elders in their twilight years like normal families have done for generations.

FFS. We should have moved as far away from here as possible.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Gun Club’s Open

When I violently overthrow my gubbimint
And take over the country...
We are going back to the days where everything came in

More Coopville Strangeness

I’ve tried to sound alarm many times about the strange doings going on in Coopville. But the Mounties laugh it me like I’m some kind of eccentric crank, or they threaten to give me 30 days in the can if I don’t shut up and go away.

But... “raw egg nationalism”? That can’t be good... is it some kind of poultry fascism???

We live in wicked and dangerous times.

Moving Like An Old Man

Most of my recent life involved a sedentary lifestyle. I’d spend the day on the phones, rattling away on the computer or behind the wheel of a truck. Erratic hours and road food didn’t help either. I got old and fat! And the doctors are mad at me now and telling me I gotta smarten up... or else.

I used to run back in my forties but my back started giving me problems. So I am trying to eat right, and I’m doing daily hikes and walks... I want to do 5 or 6 miles a day and go up from there. I used to be able to run that with ease so it should have been a piece of cake.

The problem is that a mile is longer now than it was back when I was in my forties. How in hell does that work? Check it out yourself if ya don’t believe me: take a walk across your town and you’ll find the ground got longer!

But worse... my bloody feet got soft!!! I started out with blisters, then some calloused over and others started as I pour on the miles. Some are blisters on blisters!

I got em on my heels, on my toes... and on my soles...
Never had blisters there before...

Do you pop a blister? Or just let it take care of itself?

For now I just let ‘em rock and roll. The big one on my heel went of it’s own accord and I peeled the chunk of dead skin off. I’ll put some disinfectant on it and bandaid the foot and the boot for today’s stroll.

The wife has this weird foot care machine too. It’s basically a tub that you fill up with hot water, and you put in some weird salts with it. When you plug it in, it starts gargling and bubbling... I think it’s supposed be a jacuzzi for your feet.

And then I wonder about that: yesterday when I got in, I’d a given my left arm to soak my feet in cold water! I could just imagine the water hissing into a great big fetid cloud of steam as my superheated flippers cooled.

Any of you guys squaddies that know anything about this? How’d you deal with your blisters?

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Sorry I Missed Your Veteran’s Day, Yanks...

These aren’t Yanks in the pic. I think they’re Scandihoovians or something. I should know - those rifles are Winchester 1895 lever guns and I think they only saw service in one country... but I disremember which one. I never understood that one, the Yanks invented the lever gun but went with the Krag Jorgensen bolt gun during this period. Gawd, I love Krags too... but if I were a cavalryman of the era...?

Up here in Canada we supposedly honour our vets on Remembrance Day in November. Or we used too. Us kids got brow beaten by our elders to Never Forget, to contribute to the War Amps, and the bloody pipes went all day long. But to no avail... today Remembrance Day in Canada is a stat holiday to loaf or shop... and it’s disgraceful as hell. My grandad was a doughboy in the first Great War. At the ripe age of 16, a bunch of them went over the top, got shot up and the lucky ones got sent home if they lived. Grampa was wounded and went home on the same train that carried the caskets of a couple of his buddies. He always got moody and pissy on Remembrance Day. He often disappeared to spend the day to be by himself.

I hope y’all honoured your vets and your great fallen, and remembered to thank your Maker for your freedom and your families.

Saddle Up Men

Yesterday Woman

There’s only one thing WORSE than a dirty old
bugger like Kim du Toit perving out over old pin up
girls.... and that’s when
I do it!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Least I got better taste than he does.
Errrr... and I’m better looking too.
(What’s that horrible stink that’s come over my blog...?)

One Fine Day In Retard Art Class

See this? This is why we have corporeal punish-MINT here at Uncle Bob’s Institute For Wayward Boys N’ Deplorable Incorrigibles. This is why I make the big bucks. This is why I am having a stroke! As a seasoned Special Ed teacher, I thought I’d seen it all... until this...

Hmmmmmm. Maybe we could learn the tards
important things about theology and history 
if we nailed that fat old bitch up on a cross?

Then we could throw the whole kaboodle, upside 
down... into a big vat of urine
and call it “art”...

Why can’t these kids do wonderful pictures
of that nice green frog that Cankles
lost to...?


Tuesday Morning Rude Jokes

As usual, these jokes are not suitable for bedwetters, pissers and moaners, snowflakes, fwenchmen, faggots, flimps, neurotics, shirt lifters, push starts, pull starts, kick starts, mudflaps, degenerates pan/trans/fluid genders (all 72 varieties), turd burglars, pillow biters, poodle walkers, bubble gummers, candy stripers, pinheads, bucket heads, slope heads....and octopus pumper-uppers.

Put another way: unless you are a pig with an IQ below freezing... you probably won’t like these and should give them a miss. How do ya hide this stuff under a fold? Some of it gets pretty raunchy and I suppose I could do more to make sure the wrong people don’t see this stuff.

You’ve been warned! Have a great Tuesday!!!