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Sunday, 31 May 2020


Yesterday we did a shortie down at the park. Summer is about to begin. It was hot, sunny and beautiful. Ol’ Macey is really slowing down now. We walked extra slow so she could be out front... but our pace was a crawl. We only went about half a click, and she crashed in the shade under a picnic table and dozed.

But she is still happy! She even jumped into the car by herself today! 😊👍

When we got home she let me lift her out, and she went into the house and fell asleep in her crate after a treat. It was a quality walk, and one that I will treasure.


  1. Can you take her out in a garden cart?
    She would still be able to be outdoors with her human and you can push off the inevitable.
    (Now I'm having some, umm, allergy issues)

  2. Man, I love my dogs. One is 16 and the other 15 1/2.
    They don't do a whole lot now but a 10 minute walk = a 2 hour nap.
    Main problem down here is SA is most dogs are feral so taking ours out for walks is difficult 'cause the ones that aren't nasty and covered with fleas are barking their brains out from behind their fences.
    Glad to see your old girl is doing so well.

  3. It is nice that the weather is so much better now and you can take her out.