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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

More Coopville Strangeness

I’ve tried to sound alarm many times about the strange doings going on in Coopville. But the Mounties laugh it me like I’m some kind of eccentric crank, or they threaten to give me 30 days in the can if I don’t shut up and go away.

But... “raw egg nationalism”? That can’t be good... is it some kind of poultry fascism???

We live in wicked and dangerous times.


  1. Geez, Glen. Didn't you ever hear of the very, very old Joisey expression: "Go suck an egg'? :o)

    1. They mistook the insult, for a suggestion.

  2. Eggs? Where are these eggs you are talking about?

  3. Around here, the expression is, "Go suck a fart!"