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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Sorry I Missed Your Veteran’s Day, Yanks...

These aren’t Yanks in the pic. I think they’re Scandihoovians or something. I should know - those rifles are Winchester 1895 lever guns and I think they only saw service in one country... but I disremember which one. I never understood that one, the Yanks invented the lever gun but went with the Krag Jorgensen bolt gun during this period. Gawd, I love Krags too... but if I were a cavalryman of the era...?

Up here in Canada we supposedly honour our vets on Remembrance Day in November. Or we used too. Us kids got brow beaten by our elders to Never Forget, to contribute to the War Amps, and the bloody pipes went all day long. But to no avail... today Remembrance Day in Canada is a stat holiday to loaf or shop... and it’s disgraceful as hell. My grandad was a doughboy in the first Great War. At the ripe age of 16, a bunch of them went over the top, got shot up and the lucky ones got sent home if they lived. Grampa was wounded and went home on the same train that carried the caskets of a couple of his buddies. He always got moody and pissy on Remembrance Day. He often disappeared to spend the day to be by himself.

I hope y’all honoured your vets and your great fallen, and remembered to thank your Maker for your freedom and your families.


  1. Glen, The Russians used 1895 Winchesters in WW1.

  2. The picture is from WWI.

    The U.S. used, among other guns, the Winchester Md 1897, an open hammer pump shotgun. The deal here is that it lacked a trigger disconnector, which meant that the shotgunner could hold the trigger back and run the slide, torching off a round each time the slide slammed shut.

    The advantage of the Krag was the magazine. You didn't have to feed cartridges into a spring loaded mag one at a time; all you had to do was thumb the mag open and dump a handful of loose cartridges into it, then slam it closed and you were back in the rodenticide business. The Krag came in rifle and carbine configurations, and was chambered for the .30-40 Krag cartridge.

    1. The Krag also had a model that was a lever action. I have only seen them in pictures, but I know that they made them. I had a Krag, from my Dad, I think it was cut down into a sporterized model, not a carbine.
      My uncle had two of them,one full length and one the cut down length. My cousin got both of my uncles guns. My son who was in the Navy at the time, got my Dad's gun. He collects old military arms. He has an M1 Garand, a M1 Carbine, I think a S & W revolver in S & W .38 S & W.
      I know he has others, but I just cannot remember them right now. He is out of the military now, but his last duty was in the Arabian Gulf, patrolling the Gulf of Oman to keep track of the Iranians. They were always trying to start something to cause an incident that they could use for political effect.
      As for yesterday, I know that a good deal of our American people just use it like a free holiday. But there is still a solid group of us who truly honor the sacrifice that so many of our military heroes made, to keep us free. And also,thank you to Canada, for their almost continuous support in any military conflict that we have been involved in. I would fight for Canada in the same way that I would fight for my own country.


    2. Most of the time, I can get away with the "dump them in" method of reloading my Krag.

      It will still, on occasion, stack up wrong and rim-lock.

      There's an art to getting them in quickly and stacked right that's difficult to master at $2 a shot.

      Pigpen51: Winchester made quite a few Model '95's in .30-40 and a couple even went to Cuba with The Roughriders! I'd never call this rifle a Krag though...

  3. Memorial Day (Decoration Day) down here is in May. Veteran's Day is in November. Easy for a Canadian to confuse as many of my fellow citizens here don't get it right either. regards, Alemaster

  4. 1895 Russian contract Winchester.
    Othais and Mae can tell you all about it.

  5. Different nation, different dates for the same holidays. No harm in missing our date for what you do in November.

    Them's Rooskies, as others have mentioned, in WW1.

    They're the only nation that adopted the Win '95 with a charger guide.

  6. Well thanks for weighing in fellas. Yeah, I suppose I just coulda googled it...I am getting sloppy in my old age...