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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Tuesday Morning Rude Jokes

As usual, these jokes are not suitable for bedwetters, pissers and moaners, snowflakes, fwenchmen, faggots, flimps, neurotics, shirt lifters, push starts, pull starts, kick starts, mudflaps, degenerates pan/trans/fluid genders (all 72 varieties), turd burglars, pillow biters, poodle walkers, bubble gummers, candy stripers, pinheads, bucket heads, slope heads....and octopus pumper-uppers.

Put another way: unless you are a pig with an IQ below freezing... you probably won’t like these and should give them a miss. How do ya hide this stuff under a fold? Some of it gets pretty raunchy and I suppose I could do more to make sure the wrong people don’t see this stuff.

You’ve been warned! Have a great Tuesday!!!

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