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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Why I Gotta Stop Hanging Out At Gab - Part LMCXVIII

*burns down a bank*
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I don't get it. Apparently the biggest problem in these highly shitlib cities, where their pets are burning and looting in roving mobs... is white supremacy groups. Their law enforcement agencies are on high alert for any racism!!!!! While their city burns...

Again, from Gab:

As one of my favourite bloggers likes to say... this is not going to end well.


  1. Columbus, OH and other major cities ordered a curfew yesterday. From 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM the next day, no one was allowed out on the street. In reality, this only applied to downtown Columbus, where the I-HATE-WHITEY groups and their whigger satellites have been holding 'peaceful' demonstrations in protest of the George Floyd murder.

    We had three days of protests and three nights of riots, complete with fires and destruction of property. Some cities had it worse than Columbus - Los Angeles comes to mind. Ohio Governor Idiot called out the National Guard, who showed up in force. Rioters took it up a notch by using Molotov cocktails.

    To the best of my knowledge, protests would start at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Things would start sliding downhill around 8:00 PM, and by 4:00 AM all you had on the street were tired cops and hard core Soros contractors. They mixed it up pretty good.

    The curfew helped. The worst cases were multiple dumpster fires, and the burning of two adjacent buildings that were under construction - condos, I think. Probably low-cost housing that the C-bus city council has been whining about for the past three years.

    But there's some good new out of all this. City Council President Shannon Hardin (a light in the loafers male) US Rep. Joyce Beatty (professional female mud flap), and Franklin County Commissioner Kevin Boyce (token white man) all got hit with pepper spray on Saturday during the peaceful protest.

    Being a female porch monkey, Beatty's got a big fucking mouth, and I'm betting the cop who sprayed her just got sick and tired of listening to her howling.

    Today, the city has officialdom all over the place. Planes, choppers in the air, talking heads doing interviews... none of it is worth half a can of flat beer.

    Buildings are being boarded up all over the Short North, but Machine Gun Alley (where I live) is quiet and a bit tense. Tear up the downtown all you like, but you even look at my home funny and I'll send the devil a henchman.

    1. Well I just hope these pets of the lunatic left smarten up enough to start going after the white liberal neighbourhoods. Those dummies need to be culturally enriched - good and hard.

  2. I just flew home thru the MSP airport. Everything was calm and relaxed in the north woods.
    Not so much in Minneapolis.

    1. I saw a blurb about the filthy masses congregating outside CNN as they gibbered and hooted for the cameras... any idea what that is all about? Why would those monkeys turn on CNN? Those a-holes are all in for the rioters and ANTIFAgs….