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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

No Excuse For A Gun Like That

I get that a carry gun gets scuffed and beat. But that thing has been neglected, pure and simple. The only reason to keep a gun like that is as a sentimental paperweight, like if it belonged to someone special. Or if it had some collector value.

Otherwise, I’d take that down to a smith for new grips and refinishing or I’d sell it to someone I hated. If this is how you take care of your heater you probably shouldn’t carry one...

We Are Not Going To Vote Our Way Out Of This Part MCLXVIII

Top: Turdo La Doo
Middle: They Mayor of Chicago

Well I guess now that the nogs are all tuckered out from looting, arson, murder, rioting and rape peaceful protest... its time to get back to the chinkypox. Turdo is pished because you stupid Yanks aren’t taking the pandemic seriously and has decided to extend border restrictions for the foreseeable future. Canada doesn’t need international trade and if we do... Turdo is besties with the chinks who invented the virus we are all supposed to be terrified of. China has our six! What could possibly go wrong???

The she-boon mayor of Chicago justifies every negative stereotype and racial slur there is about black people. I’d politely offer that she’d be better placed in a position that involved mops, brooms and terlet brushes... but I don’t think she could handle that either. I think they said something like 69 blacks were shot this week by their black simian peers, in Chicago and this boon is still running her mouth and hooting about racism.

That thing at the bottom is a bitchy trannie that thinks only white men should have to mask up for the pandemic. Okay, Karen... Bill... I guess xhe gets a pass because xhe’s black? HAR HAR HAR HAR!

I dunno about you, but for me these people are ridiculous. I can’t, in good conscience, take orders from them or respect them. I say it again for the tards and the slow kids: there is nothing inherently or systemically wrong with our countries. The laws, rules and institutions that governed them worked well for the last 200 years or so. 

Our countries have people problems. Our leaders are unaccountable, irresponsible and incompetent. They are there because We The People put them there. Unless or until we do something about it... things can only get worse...

A Public Confirmation Of Stupidity

In the early days of the innernet, on those conversation forums, we had a great one for Canadian politics and current events. It was awesome, we had morons and geniuses and members in other countries from around the world. The rude jokes, smack downs, and insults were epic at times.

One of the more creative insults I ever got was given to me by a shitlib American woman from Wisconsin. If I ran into her today I’m sure the old bitch’s name would be “Karen”, HAR HAR HAR! I can’t remember what the debate was about... but she said that I was so stupid, that I “probably went to Bruce Willis movies...”

WTF? Of course I did! Who didn’t?!?!

And all the shitlibs and some of the conservatives started laughing. I chimped out in rage and huffily declared that I also went to movies starring Arnie, Clint, and all the other tough guys as well... and they all laughed harder. Screw them - the movies were fun and silly and I loved them.

Today the tough guys are CG comic book super heroes or martial art chinks. Or empowered wahmen... and it’s just not the same. To be fair you can only do those hammy old action movies once and they go stale. Yet things in Hollywood are so bad they are even remaking those.

Maybe it’s just as well? Cripes, ya go nowadays, just you and the wife, buy a pop and a popcorn...and you’re out 50 bucks afterward! Do that, get your seats... and then sit through a social justice stinker starring unlikeable vibrants or Hollyweird morons? Or through one of the endlessly bad remakes? It’s too bad...

I dunno if I will ever go to the movie theatres again...

Something Good Left Over From Monday?

Nice! Quartermain, be a sport and open it
up while I get the plates out...?

Monday, 29 June 2020

Vulture Capitalism


So Nike is tanking now.

Yannow my wife and I nearly had a 5 alarm domestic dispute when the frumpy lesbians and cucks at Gillette came out and accused all men of being rapists and to stop it at once. Like millions of other men, I took my perfectly good Gillette razor and patched it in the garbage. F*** them...with a chainsaw! Sideways!!! I told the wife to pick me up a new non-Gillette razor on the next shopping trip and she made a quick absent note, and made her shopping run a couple days later. I came down to loot the snacks and help put the groceries away and see what she’d come home with... and I nearly pooped my pants with RAGE!

She had gotten me another Gillette with a couple years worth of blades! I was furious, but she’d forgotten all about it... and she stocked up because they were on at 50% off. Part of her prepper thing is that now that we have more money to spend, and the smarts to do it right...  when the wife sees a bargain she pounces on it like a predator and not only stocks up, she lays in extra for emergency supplies. I was miffed because ya can’t put a price on honour, and Gillette had insulted the chit out of mine while showing absolutely none themselves ... and deserved to suffer for it. The wife told me to tell her what the price of pragmatism was, and asked how much I was willing to pay - and how?


And now we are being accused of racism by uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, and a bunch of other products that have ridiculous fake race overtones.

I call bullshit. Look - I am a sales guy. I know my customers, what they like, how to present my product to make them want it, and how to penetrate secondary and tertiary markets from the primary ones. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the sales and marketing guys at these companies are going nuts with this idiotic liberal chitshow... you just don’t destroy decades of successful branding and marketing for a passing social fad. Sure... a few corporations might be stupid enough to fall for this social justice craze ... but all of them...? I repeat: BS! Somebody, somewhere, amongst the layoffs, the diving sales and margins, and the fallout...somebody is benefiting from this. Who?

100 years ago, working my first junior sales job with Lesiure Suit Larry... we worked in the small Alberta branch office and took our marching orders from the head office back in Morontario. And out of nowhere I started getting erratic orders from the managers. The blow back from the customers was immediate and intense. I caught the very hell of it too... the customers were pished, Larry was livid, and I caught flak from head office when the customers flipped us the bird and took their business elsewhere.

“The next time you receive instructions like this, Junior - call me!” Larry roared! He was the senior salesman and it was my pleasure; let somebody else take the heat! The next day I got a list of stuff in our inventory  that I was to bag up and ship back to the head office. This was bread and butter stuff that we needed here to meet market demand. Our customers needed us to have this material here and ready to ship at the drop of a hat. But the big Kahunas out east said it made more sense to ship from Morontario because of logistics. From their perspective... maybe so. But to our customers that meant a one week delivery and that blew us out of the water. Our competitors all stocked locally. I got on the horn and told Larry, and he got on the horn to the idiots out east and gave it to them with both barrels!

He nearly got fired for it. He was not only told to shut his gob and do as he was told, we were given even more loathsome instructions on changes that were sure to infuriate the customers even more!

As soon as he got off the phone, (I was in his office listening in), he turned to me and told me to get resumes prepped because the CEO was going to sell the company. How did he know, I wondered? Not only that, one of the competitors would most likely buy us out, and shut us down to get us and our product out of the market. I got a great job offer a month or two later and bailed out. In the following year it all went down exactly as Larry said. Sometimes the execs undermine their own companies to make them easier to sell. Could this be what the “woke” corporations are doing? It works for the big guns in the boardroom... but everyone else gets it in the shorts. Who are they selling too? And what are the long term effects going to be on the market and people left in it? They don’t care... but we might!

Whatever’s going on... not all is as it appears. Pull my other finger, cause it has bells on it!

The Bunk Room

The Filthie Gamer: D&D

Not Even A Choice: The Ghostbuster

Sunday, 28 June 2020

We'll Need To Erase Our Music Too, Of Course...

But before we get to sanitizing our music - a brief message from the site sponsors for the Black Lives Matter movement:

Your lives don't matter any more than anyone else's.
Your problems today are of your own making.
I don't owe you jack shit.

This isn't about fairness or equality or respect. It's about money and power - same thing I guess.

I am Canadian and have only a passing familiarity of the American civil war. Most of that comes from badly shitlib white-washed (forgive the pun) historical accounts. When I had that Red Pill shoved up my arse by my former family I started questioning everything. And I mean - EVERYTHING. I rejected their atheism. I rejected their narratives. I rejected their view of history.
Maybe I didn't do so right away; but I did start looking at their world view with a critical eye and I started to notice things that didn't add up. In shitlib historical accounts, Abe Lincoln was a hero, and one of the best presidents that ever lived. From what little I have seen - the guy was flat out nothing... just a bum that got carried along by events, trying to go where the winds of fate blew him. The guy had no plan, he pretty much just read flowery speeches filled with pretty lies and rhetoric. Maybe I'm wrong with that - I dunno. Correct me in the comments if you wish. But... watching what's going on these days with black racism... and the shitlibs trying to capitalize on it... I am starting to think the wrong guys won the first civil war. And... if they keep getting stupider about it, they will lose the next one they are jonesing for. In any event - listen while you can, I suppose. Don't be surprised if this tune disappears soon.

Those Boots!

How do they get into those
boots? It must take an hour to lace them up!
These gals look good for a million
miles or so...

Kid Stuff

I had the lever action one. There was a marshy spot on the other side of the road at the end of our drive way, and I’d go down there and pick off dragon flies and bugs. I dreamed of owning my own .22, with maybe a 4X scope on it...

Now I dream of being that kid again with the BB gun, with a functioning lower back, endless summers, and not a care in the world...

Sunday Serenity

Saturday, 27 June 2020

The Filthie Quinella: Place Your Bets

Gah. The endless droning of the marching morons. Yannow - it's pretty damned tough when you are an actual professional aviator like me... and ya gotta quietly suffer through the prattling of armchair experts like Peter G, M, and their like as they drone on about aviation issues. Sigh.

But... Pete DOES have a point about incompetence. I'm ashamed to say I suffered from a bout of it the other day on a routine sortie... and me and the Minions went in a little hard. It was windier than hell, I was right beside a tall building with some wicked lenticulars set up... and the big Crapcopter just doesn't have the power to weight ratio that my mini crapcopters do.

They went in nose first and we lost the starboard rear engine
when the motor mount snapped.
The battery slipped its zap straps and I will have to cut 
them all and reposition the battery on the machine's
centre of gravity.
Repairs are underway!

I foolishly let myself run out of CA airplane glue... so I am going to try and rebuild the old engine mount with 5 minute epoxy. Yannow, when Pete was mouthing off about 3rd world incompetent pilots... you can probably bet their maintenance crews meet the same low standard that their pilots do! Thankfully... we do things differently out here!!! Only the best materials, and the best people are put on the job! Errrr.... what's that horrible fetid stink coming over my blog...? Whatever... the big crapcopter is curing in the World's Smallest Hangar and should be ready for trials tomorrow. Yeah, I know 5 minute epoxy sets incredibly fast... but I feel better giving it at least 24 hours to cure.

Next on the agenda are some possible imprrovements to the crispy mini crapcopter! With electric RC aircraft, the battery replaces the fuel tank. Like a fuel tank, Lipo batteries come in different sizes and capacities. I used to run the little one on 3 cell 850mA/hr batteries that kept me in the air for about 5 minutes when they were brand new. I think that after so many charge/recharge cycles, they have degraded the old battery capacity to half that now. I broke the bank and bought two new 850 mA/hr batteries... but in a heavier 4 cell version. Everything is a trade off with aviation - and so it goes with the batteries. I will get more juice or power from the 4 cell, but it is heavier and might fry my electronics if I really honk the throttles and exceed the amperage rating of the ESC's. With the big 1550 mA/hr battery... I will get more air time ... provided the little bugger will lift it. I have my doubts...

The 3 cell battery weighs 79.4g.
The 4 cell battery weighs 90.1g
The big one is 1550 mA/hr and is too heavy to 
weigh on my little reloading scale.

Grams and onces count on these little buggers and you never know what will work and what wont until you try. For that big one I will have to cut off the big XT60 plug and solder on a smaller XT30. It is obviously meant for a bigger machine but ya never know. If I go too big with the battery, I will have the same problem I have with the big crapcopter - sluggish handling and dismal power to weight ratios. When you get into unstable air masses as I do - power to weight means everything. I regularly fly these guys in winds that ground the fixed wing models.

So... we are taking bets! Place your bets, the house only pays out if you get all the questions correct!

  1. Will the big Crapcopter with the rebuilt balsa wood motor mounts hold together, or will it fail in aerobatic maneuvers and crash and burn with all hands aboard?
  2. Will the little crapcopter lift the heavier 4 cell battery?
  3. Will it lift the big 1550 mA/hr battery?

The fearless pilots here at the Thunderbox push the aerodynamic sciences right to their absolute limits for the entertainment and edification of lesser pilots. Wish us luck, everyone! We do it all for you!!!

Manly Caturday Morn Cartoons

This ain’t gonna be a good 
episode at all... is it...?
I dunno how many times I’ve woken up
with a cat’s sphincter inches from
my nose. It ruins your day... but the
cats seem to like it.

Have a great weekend, folks!
And, as always... thanks for dropping in!

Saturday Rude Jokes

Y’all know the drill: if your IQ is above freezing, and you think pooh jokes are for retards and children... thanks for stopping in... but keep on truckin’. The jokes aren’t the best, this time round, IMHO... but beggars can’t be choosers. These days I will take any cheap grins I can get.


Here at Castello Di La Filthie we have been under financial lockdown for near on two years. While we were always on the more frugal side...lately we have been scaled right back. Here in Alberta we were in an oil bust recession, and with the fake flu plague... I think you can stick a fork in us because we are pretty much done. Our mentally retarded pink socked prime minister was lisping on the cameras yesterday that the border with the US will remain closed because you stupid Yanks aren’t taking Chinkypox seriously, and us brave Canadians will have to be self sufficient until such time as the pox burns out... or something. Couldn’t watch it all, the sight and sound of that flimp and his multiculti menagerie make me start day dreaming about grassy knolls... but now the boy-prince of Canada cheerfully talks through his nose about shutting down international trade with our biggest economic partner. (Yet that whoreson will bend over and drop the nation’s drawers for the Chinese!)


But...yesterday morn while out on errands... you couldn’t tell we are in the slightest economic trouble. All the new jacked up 4x4’s were out towing huge tandem and triple axle trailers. The hot rods and piped Harleys blatted about. Mine was pretty much the oldest truck wherever I went! (It’s only 12 years old). For all the world... it’s a holiday out there.

We are so screwed. I get the sense of a chicken running round with its head cut off...

But... What Is This...?

I’ll be damned.
So, ya put your gonch and socks in and roll em
up in your shirt.

Light years ago when I got home from work, I’d kick off my boots and peel my skanky socks off... and roll them up like that. And like clockwork, one a the daughter’s cats would come skulking about and I’d try to pick him off with a cat bomb. They loved the game. I think I enjoyed playing it more than I should have too...

Friday, 26 June 2020

The Filthie Knife Fighter

I wish I could flip a knife around like the performance artists do. But that is just showing off. Real knife fighting is nasty business and the reality of it, so I’ve heard, is that if two skilled guys get into it, more than likely you’ll have two guys bleeding out in seconds.

Talking as a tard with no real knowledge of the subject... if I had to fight with a blade that classic Bowie would be what I’d go with. I love the looks of them but in real life I have never needed a big Rambo blade. I can do everything I need to do with a pocket knife except butchering. For camp work and field dressing game up to the size of moose... the little folders do just fine. But a fella needs a good fixed blade hunting hunting knife... and I love good clip point. It looks proper on the belt and puts me in the right frame of mind for camping and hunting season.

None of us tards can agree on this though. Big Jeff had a big skinner, Bob The Knob had his “nessmuk” blade (first time I’ve heard them called that), and Skinbag had a narrow flensing knife for camping animals out. They all worked.

If I had to be serious about social work with feral boons or chavs...I’d want the Bowie AND a good hawk.

That’s more a spontoon than a hawk...
but if ya gotta have a knife fight, and ya can’t bring a gun...?

It’s Time To Get Serious

Yeah, I know. That’s me saying that. Nobody likes a rude joke more than me; but hell’s bells... this is the kind of stuff that should be serious.

I suppose ya gotta laugh,
or these ridiculous people will drive you nuts.
I knew it was a hoax the minute I heard it too.

For the record... black lives don’t matter to me one whit. If some niggered thug gets shot during the commission of a violent crime, or resisting a lawful arrest... that isn’t racism, that’s a cop protecting himself and the public and doing his fuggin job. If you don’t want to be called a nigger or treated like one... then don’t act like one.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Blazing Speed

For a short time as a kid I wanted a crotch rocket. I worked in a bike shop as a kid when the new Honda Interseptors came out. It had one of the first V4 engines. That bike probably had three times the ponies that car does.

When I kick Big Red into high gear I’d say he can safely hold a buck thirty, maybe 140 kph ... but I am happy just clicking along at the posted speed limits. I am not in much of a hurry to go anywhere these days....

Taste The Rainbow

Think of it as a Pez dispenser for
vibrants and ANTIFAg cellar dwellers...

EDC Fail...?


I am not a big fan of the tanto blade. If you’re
going to fight with it...okay, I guess.
I just don’t know how that blade would fare in
camp or domestic chores...?
Any of you guys have one of these?
And...I’d that a .22 snobbie?
There’s better guns for self defence too...

Maybe In Another Life

I am in the chit house with my lord and master, King Peter. He’s a formidable hunter and outdoorsman... but he’s a bit of a putz too. He wanted me to go fly fishing in the back country with him and I flat out refused. He has a knack for getting into that country and then having troubles getting out. A couple of his trips turned into debacles  and once or twice they almost scrambled the S&R choppers to go look for him. He’s gotten lost, he buggered up his jet boat 12 miles down river, they drove a motor home into a ditch (they were sober which only made it worse)... and I got cold feet. I am prepped when I go out, and I just don’t like the way he plans for such things.

I want to go out, have a good time... and come back on time too. I’m to old for ordeals.

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Drowned Rats

Yesterday me n’ the dawgz got caught in an afternoon thunderstorm. Poor Macey is almost blind now and I choked right up on her collar to keep her close - she kept her eyes tightly shut to keep the rain out of them. Then the thunder started crashing and banging and we all shat our pants in fright!

Of course when they dry out a bit they always feel like a million bucks and are full of piss n’ vinegar and want to go again. I dunno if I’d want to drag old Mace through a gargler like that one again though. Getting through that was really tough on the old girl.

Probly A Photoshop

I was on OyTube one night idly perusing the RC aircraft vids when I came across the Mother Of All RC Airs Shows in one of the Scandihoovian countries. The big RC jets were the stars of the show and the level of detail was mind blowing. The “pilots” moved around in their cockpits. They brought up displays on their avionics. They had rivets, scuffs, and doo-dads right where you’d expect to see them. All the Usual Miniature Suspects were there like the Breitling Aerobats, Red Bull, etc.

And then the Tard Jet Team came out with a flawlessly scratch built Saab interceptor... flown by these guys...

I just roared with laughter. For all the world, it looked like the little buggers were stealing a multi billion dollar fighter jet! They smirked in retarded glee as the canopy dropped and locked... and then flew their little hearts out! HAR HAR HAR!

I started looking into that out of idle curiosity. I see RC guys flying models without pilots and to me... that just ruins everything. A plane HAS to have a pilot... so I started looking at those:

Some of them are hand sculpted, one at a time
and are obscenely expensive 
but charming finishing touches on the upscale models.

Nice. Guaranteed to light up
any wahmen and frumpy lesbians in the

A cheaper variation of
Miss Congeniality...

Pappy Boyington?!?!
“Best Pilot”?!?!
Why, that drunken, brawling misfit couldn’t last
5 minutes in the air with...

Yours truly...!!!

Think I’m gonna go burn some airspace with the Crapcopters today. The rest a ya’s - try and make some room for some fun in your life today too!