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Monday, 20 July 2020

Stuff Filthie Wants

Filthie’s Firebox: Chicken Soup For The Soul

One a my favourite dietary cheats is those chicken and beef bullion cubes. I suppose it’s just a ramen soup without the noodles, really... and I think a cup is only 15 or 20 calories. I don’t really count calories when I’m dieting, I just imagine my doctor being there when I eat and if I would have his approval or not. Generally, if it’s green and no fun to eat... I’ll eat as much as I want. If it’s carbs and protein... I watch those like a hawk.

Yesterday I got round to making my firebox stove out of an old pastry tin my wife had squirrelled away for me. I drilled a bunch of holes in it and did the first burn-in. Like a tard, I stoked it right beside the garden shed but it was no problem, the can contained the little blaze nicely.

The wife also got me a mini-grille thing, and I gave that a go. I threw the new camp cup on the blaze and got the water going.

Isn’t that slick? I threw in a bullion cube and I just laughed - the wife has a patch of green onions going and she used a set of scissors to cut some into cup. HAR HAR HAR! It was actually pretty good...

The neighbours must thunk I’d lost my marbles (again)...but it makes for cheap entertainment. I also got to use my brand new Estwing hatchet. I burned about 3/8 of a small log to make the soup, and it took about 20 min to boil. I could have probably sped that up with a more intense burn but I was in no rush.

As always, simple minds are easily amused... 😊👍

With my Sleazy-Bake Oven, I’m gonna make little cookies, cupcakes n’ sammiches for the other tards, HAR HAR HAR!

Oink, Eh?

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Sunday Sam

Last week the wife and I fired up Big Red for a cruise out to Mundare to pick up some of their world famous koobasaw. The weather was fine, we went out at the crack of dawn and strolled around town waiting for things to open.

I had this toon gently playing on the bike's stereo and started to gently and rythmically rock the bike side to side at a stop light. The old lady leaned forward and gave me a big hug as if it were a slow dance... and the other drivers waiting at the light around us all smirked and grinned and a few retched and threw up.

Hope yer Sunday is going well, and that you have something good on the go!



More po-po brutality, via the always worthwhile American Digest.

It's worth 5 seconds of your time.  :)

A Random Thought....

Great minds think alike, eh? HAR HAR HAR!!!

I arrived at this exact same sentiment, completely independently as I watched our neoliberal families disintegrate. With the in-laws, it started for them when the youngest son passed away in their family. My mother in law thought that no God in his right mind had any business taking her son... and threw out her faith wholesale. Curiously, with the exception of myself, nobody is religious and they bought into the permissiveness and tolerance of neoliberalism too. It became their new religion, I guess. Divorce, infedelity, sexual degeneracy, double standards, cheating... it's all on the table with that lot except of course, when they are on the receiving end or have to pay the social consequences themselves. "Do unto others, and then split!" is the new golden rule.

Now I am watching the neoliberals and they are swinging dangerously authoritarian. You have to be an environmentalist or you're an ignorant climate denier. You have to wear a mask out in public or you are trying to kill grandma with your germs. It's not good enough to tolerate queers and degenerates, you have to embrace and celebrate them as your new leaders. Lord help you if you say something wrong on one of the social media sewers. I think all this ramped up authoritarianism coming from the political left is an effort to somehow re-establish some kind of order. The lunatics are in charge of the asylum, and the drunks are in charge of the liquor store over there. If I am correct, and these cretins keep doing what they're doing... they are eventually going to kill thousands, if not millions. It's how they roll. They've done it before in history and they are ginning themselves up to do it again.

My question is this - is it more important to survive them, or to fight them?


Sorry about that, all. I’m about to crack a can of delicious spinach, with a side of rocks and twigs for breakfast. After that, a slow stroll around the block with old Macey, then a forced long march with Mort! We are moving to address my lard-ass issue.


Last time I went almost full vegan ... and got down to 220. Barely. I used to get my cardio by running but I don’t think my old back will take it. I’ll find something... maybe I’ll catch up with Dave...?

I suppose it’s do-able...

The rest a ya’s... hope your Sunday is off to a great start! And... that you had a great B’fast!!!! 😊👍


Shouldn’t be surprised, she was
striking woman right till the end...

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Tard IQ Test

1. The cars are different.
2. Pic above is in the park, pic below is in the hood
3. Gibbons in the top pic are less destructive
4. ?
5. ?

Let’s Get Saturday Started Of Right!

FFS. I lost about 40 lbs. and I went and put most of it back on. It’s weakness, is what it is. Maybe stupidity too. On second thought... even with my subzero IQ, I am still to smart to be this heavy. It’s like back when I smoked. Every morn I’d light up, knowing I had to quit. I beat the tobacco habit, but the responsible adult eating is a tough one. I like to graze when I’m on the computer too. And very morn... I crave eggs, toast, salt and worse!!!

I’ll beat this eventually just like I did with tobacco... but I’m gonna have to take a few runs at it and fail first.

In the meantime, YOU should eat like a king once in awhile. Unlike me - you could use a little more meat on yer bones! Hope ya got a great weekend lined up!


Yannow over the years I wasted a lot of money on high end equipment that I didn’t need to. It was the old nickel about fish hooks marketed to catch fishermen rather than fish. ‘Inexpensive’ does not necessarily mean ‘cheap‘.

Keep the hatchets. They’re beautiful, they’ll do the job... but an Estwing will too, and your Grandkids  will be using it if you take care of it. Keep the knives, for the same reason. A great bushcraft knife can be had for under $100.00, and a great one will go maybe $120.00. Take the Leatherman; they are a worthwhile investment and should be part of your EDC. Spend whatever ya gotta spend on good boots. I’m getting blisters just looking at those, but they may be perfectly fine for someone else. You should have a good bucksaw too.

Other than that, all this guy needs is a good pack, fart sack and tent - and he’s in business. 😊👍

Friday, 17 July 2020

Whitewalls, Whitemen & White Privilege

In the Dream Times, long ago, when I still had a job and worked for a living - there was never enough time. Every day I'd notice little jobs and quirks that had to be fixed, and I kept a running list of them and knocked some off, and others... they slid through the cracks and just got forgotten about. It recently occured to me that I now have time and means to start knocking off the infuriating little things that never seem to get done. I decided to finally put my foot down, and detail Big Red.

After some half hearted scrubbing and polishing I re-discovered the bike has white wall tires - and they were FILTHY!!! They were so bad, that nothing but elbow grease and road rage would take the grime off!!! I went on the internet, looking for a miracle tire cleaner, and all I got were some other fat sullen old stufbarts saying that only road rage and elbow grease will work. I cursed, and went after them with a fuggin SOS pad! The front one was easy but that rear tire? FML - I gotta roll out a blue foamy ground pad, crawl underneath it and do the tire one 1/3 at a time. The other side is even worse because that's the side it leans on its kick stand... and clearance is even more limited. It is awkward, dirty and slow work... but I finally got it. I was about to put all my janitor supplies away... and then I noticed my wallabies looked like I'd done a fast hike through a herd of cows with diarrhea. Same deal, the soles of wallaby shoes don't clean up easy either! I got the SOS pad out again and raged!!!

Good work, Filthie!!! Not a piece of dawg shite or road slime to be seen!!!

It's not easy being white!!! When yer white - chit sticks to ya like ugly on an ape...


Did I just commit a racism?!?!? Oh boy. Better get the fags at CNN, the CBC, and Orca Winfrey on the line!!! Better get 100 degenerate social justice warriors on the go too!!! I must apologize!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I suppose this is what white privilege really is though: being able to fuss over the important details in life, ignoring the bullchit, and doing life's jobs and taking pride in them. At least, now I am ready to go run some errands, look great doing it - and impressing all the chicks in the process!!!

All he needs is a snappy panama straw golf hat and he'd
look as good as I do!

Hope the rest a yer day is a snooze, and - take off a half hour early! You worked hard and deserve it - tell the boss I said it's alright! 🙂👍

Have a great Friday folks, and thanks for dropping in.

“It’s Not Possible To Ruin Star Trek”

I used to be a sci-fi addict until the genre got pozzed by The Usual Suspects. But this? Oh, this has possibilities. These guys would have the Romulans shining shoes and emptying the spittoons. The Klingons and those blue and green guys would be put to work on mops and brooms and scrubbing the terlets in truck stops... and the miscellaneous bum heads and those little shits with the ears would be forced to work on filthy factory planets where they’d mass produce cheap junk. Us white guys in red plaid would run the galaxy and BBQ the monsters on the grille on Saturday.

Of course, then it wouldn’t be sci-fi, would it? Because - current woes and troubles notwithstanding... once order is restored that’s how it would turn out anyways! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Home Schooling

I sincerely hope it’s true. We should celebrate!

Perhaps this is one of the good things to come from the fake plague? Parents are seeing just how incredibly bad the public schools are? And how little public education actually does for the kids? Uncle Bob used to say that if he was king of North America, he’d bar the doors of the public schools with the teachers trapped inside, and burn them to the ground. Then he’d salt the earth upon which they stood. I agree with him. 

King Peter and I got in an argument about it. He thinks public schools are great: exposing kids to the marginal failures produced by our society is the best way to educate the kids about them. I disagree: I don’t think letting pedos and queers teach your kids Sex Ed in elementary is a good idea. Nor is it good to expose them to drugs and booze and juvies. Or the neoliberal indoctrination... To deal with that crap, kids need a firm foundation in morals and ethics... and Marxist union slob teachers are in no position to give that to them. They’d be better facing those things as adults than when they are children.

I love the prepper community. Those guys are western civilization’s best insurance policy. They’all be growing their own food and bartering and trading for what they need - while the rest of us are wondering why the lights went out and who will take care of us now? Part and parcel of the prepper creed should be home schooling, and proper bible study should be part of their curriculum. Even if you’re not religious, western civilization is based on that thing and it contains everything you need to know about building communities that will last for eons. The voices alone justify the study. 

I am betting those areas will also see a huge leap in scholastic performance and that in a few years, they’ll be producing the highest SAT scores in the country too.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Washington Shitskins...?

Dammit. We better get ahead of this up here in Canada because we got all kinds a teams with names that are just chock full of hateyness: My own home team is the Aaaaaaadmintin Eskimos. In BC there's the Vancouver Canucks. Seeing as how I so capably solved the dilemma of the Washington football franchises - I had better do the same for Canadian teams.

The Tranna Maple Loafs?
The Mon Trail Fart Suckers?
The Hongcouver Pillow Biters?
The Calgary Flamers?

I do have a talent for this. Gotta admit - they all catch the character and the spirit of the cities they play for, HAR HAR HAR!!!

This BS has gotta be having an effect on the fans. I just can't see them going along with this kind of idiocy. Most of the guys I know are tuning out and cutting the cable, when you couple this with the filthy joggers 'taking a knee' and accusing everyone of racism. I'd heard ESPN is leading the charge on this hogwash and their ratings dived almost immediately.

I can't boycott professional sport any more than I am already... but I will not feel sorry at all if these morons are playing in front of empty stands when things open back up...

There are some things with Pop that you don’t mess with. His dawg, his old lady and his tools. Like most newlyweds, when mom and pop first started out they were flat broke. For awhile most of their entire net worth was tied up in Pop’s tool chest. Family lore has it that mom burst into tears when Dad lost a socket or a wrench because it would have to be replaced, and it came out of mom’s budget.  Pop is a Snap On guy, and you will never find tools made of Chinesium in his possession. In those days, they paid for quality tools in blood and tears. Pop has a roll-around like the one in the pic, and a smaller chest on top. At one point he built a crystal radio into a stand that fit between the two sections. I dunno how that harelipped tard wired it, because one day I was thieving his tools and I got lit up with the full 110vac! I had an Afro and rigor mortis for three days afterward - and Pop just laughed... until he got lit up a couple days later.

Today the cost has come down on tools. I know men that have tool chests twice that size now... and you will seriously need a forklift to pick them up.

Pop’s in his 70’s now and he still has his tools, all in the same drawers, laid out the same way they were 50 years ago. 😊


100 years ago I read a cheesy blood curdling SF short story where this kid buys one a those new fangled home computers and he just drops out of the world. He starts eating in his room, he only comes out to use the crapper, and nobody in the family knows what he’s up to, locked away in his room. One day, he even wouldn’t answer the door when they knocked, so they broke in... and found the boy permenantly hard wired to the machine! A bunch of wires coming out of the machine and ran into his eye sockets, up his nose, and everyone was overcome with fear and loathing...😂👍

I personally am okay with the computer. I like shopping in my underwear, I don’t trust the mass media on TV, and computer webinars and meetings were awesome because I could work through them. Sometimes unplugging is hard to do though. Today is for chores, dawgs, and errands. Hope you have time to unplug today too...!


Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Hurk! Ulp... Gotta Stop Hanging Out At Gab

The wanks that hang out there are even lower class than I am... and the food.... GAH!

Okay, I can’t really make it out... but I’m pretty sure that’s a Luger. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that it’s a 9mm too. (It could be that other chambering... what was it? 7.62 Luger?) whatever - at that range, even with a bullet proof vest... a hit at that range will ruin your day! If I recall, wartime Lugers needed hotter than average ammo to work reliably too.

If that stubfart went ahead and pulled the trigger I will guarantee you that the lady was not smiling afterward...

Free At Last! Free... At... La... Awwwww Sheeeeeeit....!!!

There are actually only Four Deadly Sins now:


A hundred years ago I was working for a company that was being deliberately run into the ground. Out of nowhere, we started getting orders from head office that bordered on lunacy. At first I argued with my moral and intellectual superiors, but quickly learned that was not permissible. When that happened, I just agreed with whatever they said to shut them up and started looking for a job elsewhere. When the management said, “We’re gonna triple our sales in three months by reducing our efficiency and increasing delivery times!” I just shrugged and breezily said, “Sure! I’ll be happy to help any way I can!” (Yes, they actually said that). The hell of it was that some company guys were busting their hump trying to save a company while the president and Owner was trying to fork it. I wanted to murder someone when I learned that our CFO went down with a stroke at work. He was a good guy. A lot of good people took it up the hooper when the company was sold to our competitors and mothballed. I managed to bail out a couple months before that happened, and got a great job elsewhere. But for the remainder of my time there... I didn’t give a hoot or try to reason or manage upward.  I wasn’t going to be heard, my customers didn’t count, and a posh retirement and cash out was awaiting our owner. Nothing else mattered.

I’m kind of in the same boat now. The other day I was reading about a bunch of black baboons that want reparations for slavery, and they all agreed that a sum of about 6 or 7 quadrillion dollars should just about cover it for all the pain and anguish American blacks have suffered at the hands of white Americans. They were serious. Anyone that disagrees is of course, a racist, literally worse than Hitler,  and is probably a good candidate for extermination.

Yep. Sure guys! Go for it! I’d hate for anyone to think I’m a racist, dontchya know...! Maybe they should give a couple quadrillion to American Joos because the Holocaust... and of course the queers and other sexual degenerates will need money to prove that everyone loves them too!

As for me? Think I’ll buy metals like gold and silver... and brass n’ lead of course! No, no particular reason, just an odd hobby I have... if it feels good, guys... do it!!! I’m sure everything will work out fine!


Have a good hump day, folks, stay loose. And thanks for dropping in!

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Gotta Stop Hanging Out At Gab/Appropriate Theme Music

The rage culture is giving me gas again.

I was hanging out at Gab when I saw a link into one of the rags about Cankles Clinton. Apparently the old bitch thinks Trump is going to not go quietly when she and her illiterate vibrants, nasty wahmen, and homosexual rage heads vote him out in the fall. And of course the comments filled up with The Usual Suspects threatening death and destruction on The Bad Orange Man and anyone else that sides with him.

I barely escaped before crapping myself in the comments!

I poured myself a manly Metamucil Hardball and put on some soothing theme music and soon I was myself again. But... it was close!

If I wake up one day to hear that old bitch and her idiot
rapist husband got hung from
the lamp posts - I want pics (videeyah is better)
and I am buying a round for the house!
Goes for the horses too!!!

It goes the other way too I suppose. The way those shitlibs are fixing elections - something is gonna have to be done about them sooner or later.  Best a luck to you, Yanks. You are definitely between a rock and a hard place...

A Quick Word About “Cancel Culture”

If you get cancelled, or you have to worry about it... you are either working with or living with the wrong people.

Just sayin’.

Fire At Sea!

Hmmmmm... a “Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Ship”?

Apparently the Bonhmme Richard has been burning for a couple days now. Knowing what I do about structural steel... this ship is doomed. Can you imagine the courage it takes to be a fire fighter on that ship? It’s gotta be filled with thousands of gallons of av gas and Gawd only knows what munitions must be on board. If I was the admiral of the navy I’d get the men off that tub right now and let Posideon and Davy Jones have it!

Fires on ships are real buggers and no bones about it! I know years back, a Canadian Navy submarine had a similar incident: some fwench pipe-polisher left a hatch open in high seas, an electrical compartment got flooded, the fire started... and the boat was dead in the water.

So - it’s not a regular aircraft carrier I guess; they keep calling it an amphibious assault I’m guessing the birds are all VTOL? With maybe a few platoons of Marines? I wonder why they don’t just use a regular aircraft carrier? I wish I knew more about naval operations....

Best of luck you guys! Don’t be heroes, and God bless!

Military Surplus = Valhalla

When I was a kid most of our military surplus stores were glorified junk shops. There was no real organization to them... they just stocked whatever, wherever... and you’d have to go hunting section by section.

Don’t any a ya’s get any ideas on that kerosene heater! That one’s MINE!

Bllllllrrrrghghghgggghhhh.... Mornin...

Monday, 13 July 2020

Bad Dawg!!! BAD Boy!!!

I used to be fond of the books written by W.E.B. Griffin. I think
his series entitled The Marines is the best of his works.
In it, Famous Grouse stars as
the preferred scotch of the tofts and movers and shakers
and they drink it by the case.

I wouldn’t let my dawg drink that shit! It’s lighter fluid! There’s any number of good makes out there, and some real crap of which Famous Grouse is an example. Allow me to recommend a couple respectable choices:


All are reputable single malts.
All are worthy of squaddies and generals alike, good scotch
is nothing to get snobbish about.
If you want the best of the blended scotches...

If you’re going to drink scotch... do it right!



I think I might have had one when I was a kid, around
6 or 7 years old.
It was a piece of junk.

One thing that blows me away is how cheap good knives are. A couple of times in my life I was a hair away from throwing down a pile of cash on an expensive custom blade with exotic materials... but one year I bought a Kershaw Ken Onion knife...think it only cost about $60 or $70... and the damn thing worked like a charm.

Filthie’s Freak Show

I’ve been told by my moral and intellectual Superiors that two wrongs will never make a right. But... can two rights make a wrong...?

For what it’s worth, it’s a real gun.

The Best Memes...

... can always be found at The Chief's.

Funny how all the Covid Mask Nazis went quiet as church mice
during the chimpouts too.

Far as I am concerned, wearing that mask marks you as a sheep
and an idiot who doesn't understand

Poignant Prepper Problems

Good for Mom!

She, in turn, is applauding another powerful and independent woman, and I say that with the utmost and sincere respect. Hell’s bells, if you are not a prepper, you are not a man... you’re not an adult. Chit happens. Before faggotry and neoliberal pedos destroyed the Boy Scouts, being prepared was a foundation for their creed. Good women will take to prepping like ducks to water too. Just clear a space for her larder, hand them a few extra bucks before they go shopping, and you’re away to the races. My wife never stops; she gets a bit here and there and hits all the sales. Gradually she filled her larder and then confiscated about a 1/3 of my man-cave as she expanded our state of readiness. The problem with prepping is - how much is enough?

The other thing is this: suppose the chit DOES hit the fan. In approx. 30 days, the non-prepper will start to starve. What happens when that single mom with a kid or two knocks on your door? Or that elderly couple down the street with no family? What if things get really bad, as they are in Venezuela? If your old lady tries to bake a loaf of bread in Venezuela, the whole country will smell it and be knocking at the doors. The more desperate will start to steal and assault the unwary. Food riots  will start.

In North America we are in a pickle. Just as the neoliberals, cultural marxists, and degenerates destroyed the Boy Scouts, they also got the schools, the churches, and the other institutions that made our families and communities work and hold together. In another era we might have faced tough times with our communities. I don’t think a lot of us have that anymore. If you have no preps, no family, no community in tough times? Oh boy, you’ll be in for a world of hurt!

What would you do in truly tough times, if someone knocked on your door?

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Women’s EDC: Sunday Ready

Coffee, tea and chatter sold separately...


The World Of Tomorrow

When I was a little kid I lived on The Planet Of The Apes. I loved everything about it from the vicious gorillas to the nuked out mutants. It was years before I was old enough to realize that the book wasn’t focusing on apes at all - the lens of the novel was focused squarely on humans. But to a kid... ya had monkeys with guns. Life doesn’t get any better.

The wanks on Gab are calling the BLM crowd the NLM  (guess what the ‘N’ stands for). A few have noticed a similarity between modern Detroit and the ruined cities on the planet of apes. There’s the same crumbling deserted malls, destroyed neighborhoods, and abandoned libraries with books rotting on the shelves. And everywhere... monkeys with guns. Pandemonium, hooting, capering and shrieking - and the cities are starting to fall.  

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Really Good & Really Bad Advice

If it doesn’t hurt... it’s probably not bravery...

Fire. Guaranteed.

Now We’re Talking...

Dunno about the rotgut...but that’s
the perfect pipe right there...

Retard School Gun Club

That’s TB, Victor Quartermain, and Pete F.
GAH! Ya can smell them right over the internet!
After you’ve washed your eyes
Out with bleach, maybe
there’s something better to look at...

When they were queens.
Just lookin’ at ‘em and their rifles, I bet they could put
the boots to me, BP and ASM 
without breaking a sweat!
I wonder if they even have gun clubs in schools anymore?