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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

.22 Done Right

When I was a kid first getting into handguns, I had decided that when I grew up I was gonna be a handgun hunter. The first step in that direction was a Roger .22 Single Six with a 2X Leupold scope on it to practice with.  Back in the 80’s optics on handguns were an oddity and I needed a smith to mill out a proper mount and drill and tap the gun for it. I went Karl at KS Arms, who was a highly respected custom gunsmith at the time.

One of his displays was utterly magnificent and I still remember it to this day: he’d built a custom .22 rifle for his son... and the build looked like one of WL Emery’s Holland & Holland’s... or maybe one of his custom Rigby rifles... shrunk down to the size where a 5 year old could use it! The bluing and fit and finish were all first rate, and the stock was presentation grade with a flawlessly fitted recoil pad. Of course, it had a big “NOT FOR SALE” sign on it.

Goshdarnitalltoheck... I think I’m getting a hankering for an afternoon with the .22 this week...


  1. Beautiful.
    I've never seen the swing down front sight cover before.

    1. I have seen them but only in pictures, John. I think the idea is that the hood can darken our obscure the front sight under certain lighting conditions... I've never encountered that myself but I shoot during daylight hours so who knows...?