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Monday, 13 July 2020

Bad Dawg!!! BAD Boy!!!

I used to be fond of the books written by W.E.B. Griffin. I think
his series entitled The Marines is the best of his works.
In it, Famous Grouse stars as
the preferred scotch of the tofts and movers and shakers
and they drink it by the case.

I wouldn’t let my dawg drink that shit! It’s lighter fluid! There’s any number of good makes out there, and some real crap of which Famous Grouse is an example. Allow me to recommend a couple respectable choices:


All are reputable single malts.
All are worthy of squaddies and generals alike, good scotch
is nothing to get snobbish about.
If you want the best of the blended scotches...

If you’re going to drink scotch... do it right!



  1. I have yet to taste a "bad" single malt Scotch. But there are some that are better than others. The trick is to find the best one for you which doesn't require you to mortgage the house for it.

    My current favorite is Glenlivet 14 yo. (~ $50 a bottle)

    I wouldn't turn down a dram of anything that's pictured above - including what appears to be the dogs favorite.

    As for W. E. B. Griffin. I tried a couple of his earlier works and they were barely okay, but he had a serious hard-on for the USN of which I am a veteran, so phuck him.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree ! Dalwinnie is a good one , Laproaig is excellent, Lagavulin is another ... Itès bin quite some time saince I had any ... Canèt afford it these days ! ...

  3. My personal favorites are Oban and Caol Ila 14yr. The "cool-eye-la" 12 yr is good to but the 14 is sublime.

  4. No Talisker? Wretched Heathen.

  5. I used to say I didn't care for Scotch.
    After a friend gave me a sample of upper end Scotch I amended my statement to say that I don't care for cheap Scotch.

  6. All capital alternatives men! Of those 5 I posted - I couldn't pick a favourite among them, they are ALL good and so are the makes you guys added.

    A good bottle of scotch costs typically around 60 bucks and up. Properly served, a good scotch is at room temp, in those bulbous glasses so you can nose them before drinking. Some may consider it sacrilege and apostasy - but sometimes - very rarely - you may wish to add a teaspoon of water to the glass to "open it up" and release the more subtle fumes and flavours. I probably should have done that with both Talisker and Oban ... two makes that I approached with some difficulty.

    All that above is for proper analysis of a spirit. It's kinda like bench resting your rifle for sighting it in. Otherwise you should drink as you shoot: offhand! Any glass will do, a good cigar (lit from the campfire) is heaven on earth.

    Thanks for stopping by, boys!