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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Captain Filthie At The Controls

Ready for duty! I have a flask in my inner pocket, a
quart of Highland Park under the seat with a loaded pistol and some grenades...
and post-it notes and cheat sheets on the controls 
where I don’t know what they do.

I dunno if that’s flak or or a smudge on the port windshield...
but if it’s anything worth worrying about, I’m sure it’ll sort itself out shortly!

Does anybody recall if we filled up before takeoff..?


  1. I topped off the tanks. You told me you put it on someone's credit card - can't remember whose it was. I also got food supplies: two cases of champagne and a bag of potato chips.

  2. What?! no bacon?! Y'all will starve. Of course, I'll help you out. Tofu bacon and soil-fungus sausage, yum-yum, and you can even have my share. LMAO