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Saturday, 18 July 2020


Yannow over the years I wasted a lot of money on high end equipment that I didn’t need to. It was the old nickel about fish hooks marketed to catch fishermen rather than fish. ‘Inexpensive’ does not necessarily mean ‘cheap‘.

Keep the hatchets. They’re beautiful, they’ll do the job... but an Estwing will too, and your Grandkids  will be using it if you take care of it. Keep the knives, for the same reason. A great bushcraft knife can be had for under $100.00, and a great one will go maybe $120.00. Take the Leatherman; they are a worthwhile investment and should be part of your EDC. Spend whatever ya gotta spend on good boots. I’m getting blisters just looking at those, but they may be perfectly fine for someone else. You should have a good bucksaw too.

Other than that, all this guy needs is a good pack, fart sack and tent - and he’s in business. 😊👍

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