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Thursday, 2 July 2020

Death By MEAT!!!!

I yam in love!!!🥰😍🥰
Mind you, though... people that eat like Texans chit like them too!
I suppose she is just too young and fast 
for an old goat like Yours Truly!!!

Fellas, I’m sure I outweigh that pretty young gal by 100 lbs... and I don’t think I could eat that! I might be able to if I fasted first... and then it’d still be a shooting match! And I dunno if I could walk afterward! How did she do it!!?! I’d have to be taken to the washroom on a gurney, and once I got there I’d need the help of 3 very brave strong men and a calf puller...

Could you do it? Four pounds of meat, a spud and the trimmings?

Hmpfffff! I’m going to have to start another bucket list! I’ll put it beside my goal of cleaning out The Heart Attack Bar & Grille...

I hope you have a steak out and the BBQ ready for you after work tonight!

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  1. I've been to the Big Texan Steakhouse on more than one occasion and there has always been someone trying to finish that roast and trimmin's in one hour. Interesting side note, when looking at the statistics on the marquee, if a woman tries it (not many do) she is more likely to finish it. If you ever make it there try the cowboy/Texas caviar. We liked it well enough I researched recipes and got close enough for us to enjoy it at home. The steaks every time were excellent.