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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Errrrr... Can Somebody Please Explain Something To Me....?

I am not one a the cool kids. I'm an old fart that the world passed by, cast aside and left behind years ago. Yes, I know that I am not keeping up with the times, that the world moved on and left me behind. I'm okay with it. But...

I don't get it.

Hmmmmm. Some rabble rousing, potentially violent mobsters illegally broke down a gate to some secluded property and demonstrated clear and evident threat and intention. The stubfart comes out with an AR, and the old lady comes out with a charming Walther.

For some reason it seems to be the harpies wahmenfolk that take the most pleasure in mocking those two. I've seen a couple of 'em doing it and I don't understand it....?

Clearly, the elderly couple were scared shitless. No, they did not handle their weapons with the competency of John Wick or a Navy SEAL or squaddie. But, to their credit - they came out, they faced that mob down, and they stood up for themselves and what was theirs - WITHOUT A SHOT FIRED. I heard later that they were both liberals and originally sympathetic to the negro lives matter crowds - but still... they came out. They stood up. In their situation I would have done the same. Hell, I wouldn't have done nearly so well, I would have shot most of those assholes and be scrambling to reload so I pick off the ones running away, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Why are the cool kids picking on them? Did I miss something here? Unless it was something really, REALLY stupid... put me down as a fan. Those two old birds put on a magnificent show, and they deserve applause and respect.

If anyone cares to bring the slow kid up to speed, the comments, as always - are all yours. I am the last person on earth that is in a position to say this... but... be nice to the older folks if you can. Especially if they are trying.

Have a great Humpday! Hope your day isn't as rainy as mine... if anyone has a spare snorkel I'd be much obliged!



  1. I don't know, perhaps they are picking on them cause they are the typical NIMBY/for-thee-but-not-for-me, two faced morally corrupt leftie loonie moonbats who got us here in the first place by personally supporting and providing legal defense for the chimpout behavior and the machine the promotes the caos.... yet when the shit they created bites them in the ass, they resort to the white potmetal POS peashooter made by very same Bryco-Jennings company they sued claiming they were selling a dangerous product.

  2. In this new age of globalist views and morals no one can be allowed to hold any power except the state. Our friends in England have already discovered this reality. You are not allowed to defend yourself, not even to protect life and limb if you are not a member of the correct protected class. To do so takes power from the state and shows it as it is. Useless.

  3. Even Leftists should be allowed self defense. I kept cringing because she muzzled him three or four times that I recall. And her booger hook was on the trigger too.