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Monday, 20 July 2020

Filthie’s Firebox: Chicken Soup For The Soul

One a my favourite dietary cheats is those chicken and beef bullion cubes. I suppose it’s just a ramen soup without the noodles, really... and I think a cup is only 15 or 20 calories. I don’t really count calories when I’m dieting, I just imagine my doctor being there when I eat and if I would have his approval or not. Generally, if it’s green and no fun to eat... I’ll eat as much as I want. If it’s carbs and protein... I watch those like a hawk.

Yesterday I got round to making my firebox stove out of an old pastry tin my wife had squirrelled away for me. I drilled a bunch of holes in it and did the first burn-in. Like a tard, I stoked it right beside the garden shed but it was no problem, the can contained the little blaze nicely.

The wife also got me a mini-grille thing, and I gave that a go. I threw the new camp cup on the blaze and got the water going.

Isn’t that slick? I threw in a bullion cube and I just laughed - the wife has a patch of green onions going and she used a set of scissors to cut some into cup. HAR HAR HAR! It was actually pretty good...

The neighbours must thunk I’d lost my marbles (again)...but it makes for cheap entertainment. I also got to use my brand new Estwing hatchet. I burned about 3/8 of a small log to make the soup, and it took about 20 min to boil. I could have probably sped that up with a more intense burn but I was in no rush.

As always, simple minds are easily amused... 😊👍

With my Sleazy-Bake Oven, I’m gonna make little cookies, cupcakes n’ sammiches for the other tards, HAR HAR HAR!

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  1. Those neighbors should be paying attention for their own good. I basically did the same thing on my charcoal grill a couple of weeks ago except on a much bigger scale. Having the means and the skills to cook or heat food when the power goes out could make one a very popular fellow.