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Monday, 6 July 2020

Gotta Stop Hanging Out At Gab...

Dear gawd, the irony, satire and humour over
there can kill ya.
The tards were going on about the great monument 
fiasco and had some truly excellent ideas 
about speaking truth to idiocy.
One of the wanks proposed an alternative to
Mt. Rushmore to honour and mollify blacks.
Another proposed naming it “Mt. Dindu”...
and the whole conversation went to hell from there...

Up here in Canada our natives are much like your American Joggers. The reservations are festering holes of incest, rape, murder, arson, drug and alcohol abuse and worse. And no matter how much money we shovel into those pits - they stay mired in squalor and poverty.  They get free food, free housing, free medical, free dental, free education, no taxes, they're exempt from gun control laws, and they get preferential treatment at hiring time... and they still manage to live like animals and the redskins blame Whitey for all of it. 

I have a C note for any takers: I'll bet that if you pay them "reparations" they will pish the money away and be back for more in a couple years. If any money at all were to trade hands, it would be on the stipulation that they take the money and themselves back to Africa, never to return.


  1. Reminds me of a story. Lady has a pet squirrel. She loved it like a child. She noticed how it had to work to eat nuts. Gnawing through those hard shells. So she bought shelled nuts to make it’s life a little easier. She loved it so. It started to have some trouble eating, so she mashed up the nuts into a paste for it. And one day, she found it on the bottom of the cage, having spasms. She rushed it to the vet, and related the story. “Ma’am, the animal’s front teeth continuously grow. It needs to gnaw to wear them down. So they don’t curl over and grow into it’s skull, like this one. You have loved your little squirrel to death.”

    I firmly believe we find purpose through responsibility. If the .gov takes your responsibilities away, then you have no purpose. The conscientious will dull the pain of uselessness with dope or drink, and the evil will inflict their perversion on those around them.

  2. The worst place I’ve ever been in my life is Davis Inlet, Labrador. I couldn’t believe my eyes it was so awful.